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June 9th, 2017 by shari01

Local SEO services by Digital Shift are going to help you connect with the right local prospects while increasing your website’s traffic at the same time. Carefully analyzed and selected keywords mixed with geographic targeting will make your website stand out.  The top benefits of local SEO include the following:

  • Smart strategy provided by professionals is strictly focused on making sure your local business service area is optimized for your targeted market.
  • Your money is spent towards the growth of your business in your local environment.
  • Properly analyzed and executed local SEO makes you stand out in local search results and makes sure your business shows up in local search directories to potential customers no matter if they use a desktop or a mobile device.

The most important steps in executing outstanding local SEO include a good understanding of your ideal customer, but also thorough competitor analysis and detailed keyword research. Having your business known to more people that would be interested in purchasing your services is what Digital Shit’s Local SEO is all about. Not only will they increase your company’s website overall search engine ranking on all major search engines, these services also focus on providing high ranks for critical search results for your business.

Local search inquiries represent people from your area searching for your products and/or services by using keywords they type in search engines. Local SEO’s task is to optimize your website to ensure it ranks high in these search results, so when someone searches for the services you provide – they get your business’ website as a result above your competitors.

Potential customers very often include a city or postal code in their search query so they make sure they search locally. The goal of local SEO services is to track and enhance your citations (e.g. directory listings) in a way that your business is shown in local map results – again, above your competitors. Providing local SEO services includes developing a strong, functional strategy for your business and maintaining it, along with regular monthly reports provided for you.

Before coming up with the perfect strategy for your website, Digital Shift will firstly learn about your business and analyze your current situation. This is the ultimate way of providing the best SEO advice possible. After the initial analysis comes the next step, which is thorough keyword research, analyzing competitor’s position and keywords, targeting high search frequency, etc.

For some companies, they look to get both local and national listings. For example, targets companies that are local to the Denver area, but they also have the capacity to handle national businesses.

Off-page SEO is just as important as on-page SEO. This means actively creating quality content and online connections to your business. This will strengthen your online presence and make your business stand out as a professional and trusted choice for your customers.

“If you aren’t targeting local SEO and you are a brick and mortar business, you are falling behind with each day. People searching from their smartphones for solutions to problems, places to dine and places to shop, are rampant in our society. Your business needs to show up.”

Brad Shaw, CEO of local SEO company,, told us via email.

These local SEO services are mainly built around 3 major strategies:

  • Audit & keyword research which includes reviewing the consistency of listings, reviewing your competitors, researching keywords frequency and competitiveness.
  • Local directory citations which includes adding your business to top and niche directories and creating structure and unstructured SEO citations.
  • Social & rich media citations which means creating geo-targeted pictures, but also SEO geo-targeted videos, creating social media accounts for your business and creating ongoing social signals.

Optimizing the content and coding on your website is just a part of the Local SEO strategy. Further long, Digital Shift achieves good results by working on your off-page SEO through content marketing, social media and link building. Creating social media accounts and targeting the right audience so your business show up to all the right people is also very important. A strong local SEO strategy that includes all of the above is the optimal way of growing your local business online.

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June 7th, 2017 by shari01

In a recent Chicago census from the Census Board, ValueMags found out that Chicago’s population is declining. Once again, the population in Chicago has gone down as it has in
previous years. It has lost over double the amount of people (residents) that is has in the previous year. The scariest part of the census for local businesses and the city government is that is was the only major United States city to have a decline in the number of residents they have. Among the companies that are worried about their business is ValueMags. Although the marketing and distribution company for magazine publishers ships across the country, a significant chunk of their business is still in Chicago. Now, business owners and locals are asking themselves if Chicago will become the next Detroit. They are close enough in proximity therefore the cities have the same same financials (have the potential to) and have the same climate. What was once a business city is now deserted. Will Chicago become the same? And if so, what will it do to local businesses?

If that is the reality that companies are facing, they need to adapt. After the census came out, ValueMags was one of the companies that quickly went digital. They also realized that the print industry was dying with the green movement so they had to find a way to keep their business alive. The company has just released a digital app which has all their magazines online so they do not have to contribute to as much printing (although it is still an option for clients). ValueMags is proud to say that their company has been very successful with the integration and transition as well. The company highly encourages other companies to adapt so they do not end up like all the businesses in Detroit once upon a time. Those companies failed to adapt to their financial realities and societal trends and they are no longer in business.

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June 7th, 2017 by shari01

GWC Valve is a valve manufacturing company that operates in two cities: Milan, Italy and Bakersfield, California. The company’s manufacturing mostly happens out of Milan where all of their valve technicians and engineers reside. The company then ships all of their designed and manufactured flow control products to their Bakersfield headquarters where they are then distributed. The Bakersfield headquarters is where there are offices though. The company does the majority of their operations management, sales, marketing, accounting, and management from those headquarters. With all of those departments in one building, the company needs to effectively manage their workplace atmosphere. A healthy atmosphere is prone to increase work efficiency and company success. Among the many aspects that increase a company’s success, GWC Valve believes that there are certain actions that cultivate that desired workplace environment:

  1. Recognizing employee hard work, work well done, accomplishments, and success
  2. Cultivating relationships between co-workers and between managements and employees
  3. Creating workplace conditions that are approachable by every type of employee to accommodate all needs
  4. Ensuring that safety measures are in place to protect employee’s physical safety and liability of their work to internal and external stakeholders
  5. Granting employees the opportunity to move up in the company, be promoted, and learn new things
  6. Providing employees with training to meet the changing needs of the company
  7. Encouraging employees to share personal details with their co-workers to develop intellectual and emotional connections while encouraging professionalism

GWC Valve does all of the above and more. That is why the company is recognized for being so successful at operating their corporation. The company is dedicated to their employees just as much as they are to clients and business. Any company with that mentality and approach is sure to be successful internally and externally. For more information about GWC Valve, use the link above to follow their business model and workplace atmosphere.

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May 23rd, 2017 by shari01

If you notice that a laptop computer abruptly turns off or the battery does not last as usual, maybe it is the time to replace it with a new one. If you do not know how to replace your laptop’s battery contact nanotek it consulting company.

The new generation of laptops are lighter and thinner, and besides their battery lasts for several hours. That is what computer users love the most. But, on average, the battery life ranges from 3 to 6 hours. Note that it is not normal for a battery to last forever or to have the same life range. Laptop batteries are disposable and once they stop providing you with what you need, you should consider replacing it with a new one.

Over time, the battery weakens, and it is impossible for it to last as long as it did. No matter how you keep and conserve it, after a certain period of time it would need to be replaced.

How to know when is the right time to replace your battery? Continue reading and you will find out.

1. Why does the battery lose power?

Frequent charging and discharging affects the strength and durability of the battery. And not to mention the high temperature, which a computer develops. This makes it more than clear why the battery cannot last forever.

If you have a computer with a battery that can be separated, you can extend its life so that you separate it from your computer whenever you work using electricity.

The advantage of these computers is that owners can replace the battery without going to the service center which is not the case with the built – in batteries. You should consider this the next time you purchase a laptop.

2. The capacity of the battery

Not all batteries have the same strength and capacity. There are hundreds of different applications that will help you check the capacity and the life span of your battery, so that you can know when is the right time to replace it.

3. Calibrate the battery

The information about the condition of the battery is not always accurate. Some batteries after several cycles of charging and discharging achieve low capacity because their sensor.
Some producers deliver tools for calibration of the battery with the device, others argue that the calibration is not required.

If your device comes with tools, and you noticed that the battery empties very quickly, try the manual calibration. Charge battery, then turn off the computer for at least two hours, but leave it plugged in. This will allow the battery to cool.

Then when the battery drops to 5 percent disconnect the computer from the power supply and continue to use it while it automatically turns off. That’s it.

When it comes replacing the old with a new battery, it is best to replace it with an original battery purchased by an authorized agent. Always be careful where you buy your products because if you use a bad product, you may damage the computer.

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April 8th, 2017 by shari01

It is digital era and creating a website is pretty easy than before. But it was not that simple before the innovation of content management system. You can choose any popular CMS like WordPress or Joomla to build any kind of website.

WordPress the leading CMS out there which provide more flexibility than any other platform. There are plenty of WordPress plugins and themes to achieve different functionalities. In this article, you can learn how to create a site in three easy steps. A user having little know-how build a site with this guide.

3 Easy Steps to Start a Website or Blog

To make the process simplistic, I divide it in 3 section which are following

  1. Choose the Platform
  2. Buy Domain Name
  3. Pick Best Web Hosting

Let’s discuss every thing in details to simplify the each part. I tried my best to help you create your blog/websites. But, if you need further help just ask in the comments section. I will be more than happy to answer your queries.

1) Choose the Platform

After you decide to create a blog its time to choose the platform which you want to use. There are numerous CMS available to choose from. The best ones are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. You can pick the right one that fulfills your need. I personally recommend using WordPress. However, there is a free option “Blogspot” which also can be utilized without paying any money.

As WordPress has flexibility than Blogspot, so you should use WP.

2) Buy Domain Name

Now, its time to buy the domain name from any best domain registrar. It is suggested to always use top-level domain such as .com, .org, or .net.

You can find numerous companies to get your website name at the reasonable price. Keep in mind, don’t select any company or you’ll end up losing your domain name. Some registrars charge higher fees than normal so, here are some best domain registrars to buy a site name at good rates.

3) Pick the Best Web Hosting

Now you got the site name and its time to purchase web hosting. Web hosting is also a very critical factor for any successful online business. Using the right company that offers high speed hosting experience and secure storage is important. As the availability of a variety of hosting providers, choosing the best but cheap WordPress hosting might be confusing for new users or starter.

You must buy hosting for at least one year to grab big discount because many web hosts provide exclusive discount for new customers. Otherwise, you will end up spending extra money.

All the best hosting out there allow one-click WordPress install feature to install WP within 2 minutes. You just have to press few clicks and your site will be online in few moments.

Every new WordPress install require to do some necessary steps such as installing essential plugins. You must use following plugins; Yoast SEO, WP Rocket, Google Analytics, Jetpack, and Shortcode Ultimate for different features.

Your WordPress website is ready now and its time to publish unique content to drive traffic.

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February 21st, 2017 by shari01

Social media giant Facebook’s CEO might soon be removed from the board of directors of the company. VentureBeat report mentioned that shareholders have proposed to replace Zuckerberg, who has been on the board since 2012, with an independent chairperson. They are of the opinion that an independent chairperson will carry the company forward with better corporate governance and pro-shareholder agenda.

As per the report, the idea was proposed by a watchdog group of shareholders called SumOfUs. Intel’s former chair Andrew Grove said in the proposal:  “The separation of the two jobs goes to the heart of the conception of a corporation. Is a company a sandbox for the CEO, or is the CEO an employee? If he’s an employee, he needs a boss, and that boss is the board. The chairman runs the board. How can the CEO be his own boss?”

Around 3,33,000 people filed for a petition asking for the removal of Zuckerberg as the Chairperson of the board of directors. Apparently, only 1,500 of them were shareholders.

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg- the founder and CEO of Facebook- will hardly be affected by this move. He owns a considerable amount of shares of the company and has a big say in the decision of the company. Additionally, the social media giant is not making any losses and it could only be the case when such a big decision happens in big corporates.

The proposal claims that “We believe the combination of these two roles in a single person weakens a corporation’s governance, which can harm shareholder value.” It added, “We believe that independent board leadership would be particularly constructive at Facebook as our company faces increasing criticism regarding its perceived role in the promotion of misleading news; censorship, hate speech and alleged inconsistencies in the application of Facebook’s community standards guidelines and content policies..”

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February 14th, 2017 by shari01

Music has played an integral part in shaping our lives as a species. Thanks to technological advancements, we can now enjoy a whole concert or a full blown opera at the touch of a button. However, in order to experience the best sounds, and to be able to perceive every note being played perfectly, one has to invest in a pair of good headphones.

Any device that plays music- your mp3 players, iPods or even your phones come with a pair of stock headphones that just about gets the job done. However, in order to have a better auditory experience, you will have to invest in a pair of good headphones. Good headphones do not necessarily burn a hole through your pocket. In fact, some of the best headphones priced under $100 are exponentially better than the stocked ones.

Types of headphones

The markets are saturated with a variety of high quality headphones, and your choices are practically unlimited. From inconspicuous ear buds to large headphones, you can choose from just about any design you find comfortable.


Also known as in-ear headphone, these tiny earpieces are lodged inside your ear cavity. These are quite popular and among the most familiar types as they are generally offered as stock headphones with any associated electronic device. Owing to their size, they are quite handy, easy to carry and are the perfect everyday companions.

Ear pad headphones

A close relative of the general headphones, they sport small ear pads that go over your ears, but they hardly cover the entire ear. They are more compact when compared to traditional headphones, but still quite clunky when compared to the ear buds. However, they do offer a wider variety when you are looking for the best headphones under 100.

Full size headphones

Full sized headphones are the most popular types of headphones, especially in a professional setting. These headphones have a cup like structure, which covers the entire ear, thus blocking most of the external noise, allowing you to enjoy your music in peace. However, they are quite big and consume extra space when carrying them around.

At E Best Picks, we offer a wide range of consumer electronics to choose from, ranging from headphones, laptops, blenders and the best gaming laptops under 300. Get going to get the best deals under wraps.

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February 6th, 2017 by shari01

By now, you know that website optimization is the best way for you to get your website noticed. You may even understand how social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn can be very helpful to your brand awareness. But, have you thought of how to use sites like YouTube for your marketing needs? YouTube does offer a lot of benefits for businesses, especially through the use of software. YouTube software does give you an advantage in marketing your business.This will offer you some advice as to how to use YouTube for marketing purposes and how to get attention to your YouTube videos.

YouTube has an estimated 800 million viewers a month, which shows you how lucrative of a market that this has to offer you. In order to tap into this large amount of viewership, you need to be sure that it is optimized. The thing that can be tricky for you is that keywords are only a small part of the ways that you optimize a YouTube video for customers. YouTube requires a several different things when determining the ranking on a video. Whenyou understand what these things are, you are going to be able to better use YouTube marketing. These things include keywords, views, likes/dislikes, and shares.

One thing that you should note is that the file name and the title of the video seem to match. This is the first thing that you can do in order to optimize your video. The next area of focus will then go to keywords. These keywords should be in the title, video, and in the description that is going along with the video. This can help the video get discovered by those people who are looking for that keyword. Tags and category also help with getting the video discovered by people who are looking for specific things, but you do need to know how to properly tag your video. First, upload the video to the correct category so that your audience can have an easier time following it. Then, tag it using the keywords that you are using for optimization. So if you are optimizing “YouTube SEO in Houston”, use tags like SEO and Houston.

The video and description are two really big pieces to SEO and YouTube marketing. Use your video description to link back to your business’ website. This description can only be 160 words, so make use of this by using your keywords and draw in the customer. Your title must be engaging and have any relevant keywords. These things all work together to make a video that ranks high in the rankings.

YouTube can be a great way market your business. There is a reason why so many businesses are turning towards creating videos a unique way to show off their business. This could be through tutorials on how to use their products and services or as a way to meet the staff that works for the company. If you have a business, you should start looking into YouTube videos and how they can help you.

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January 21st, 2017 by shari01

Are you a dealer who is selling firearms? Agreed, that it can be quite challenging to look for a customer who wants to buy a firearm or ammunition, but, not any more. You can register yourself with FFL Registry; it’s a portal that provides a very exhaustive database for all the valid types of FFL dealers. Yes, registering your company on this site if free. It’s an online directory that is updated regularly with all the data that is provided directly by the ATF. Once you are registered with the FFL Registry, you can directly access your listing and you can add more details of your company, like information about the company, the days and hours of operation of your company, transfer fees charged by you and other contact details of your company.

As a consumer, you can go through the database of the FFL Registry and search for a validated FFL dealer. Yes, FFL search by zip code is also possible; all you have to do is enter the zip code of the area of your interest and all the FFL dealers within a hundred mile radius of the zip code entered will be on your screen. Great!

Stringent Paperwork Requirements by the Federal State

Once you have identified the firearm that you want to purchase, you will have to search an FFL dealer by zip code near you who is well versed with the Federal laws of that particular state, charges a transfer fee that is reasonable, one who is ready to verify the legality of the firearm in your area, and is ready help in ensuring that you qualify to pass all the required background checks.

You and your FFL dealer will have to fill out the Form 4473 either online or on paper. Yes, the paper work requirements for each Federal State are strictly regulated and some FFL dealers are only in the business of paperwork, they are experts on it and do not deal in firearms directly. In return for filling out the forms and dealing with the paperwork for the firearm purchased by you, your FFL dealer will charge you a fee for it. Why not?

If for some reason, your purchase has been denied by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), then, you can fight to appeal the denial.


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January 17th, 2017 by shari01

An expert from a renowned SEO agency will incorporate the necessary tools and tricks to boost a site’s rank and increase its visitors. Their motto is to create a solid viewer/customer base for their clients. However, there are some mistakes that give the professionals doing search engine marketing their worst nightmare.

Here are the most common blunders that you must avoid.

Stuffing your article with excessive keywords

Some internet marketing agencies implement this tool for manipulating Google for better ranking, however, fooling Google is impossible and chances are your site will end up in nowhere at SERP. To avoid bitter consequences check with an esteemed service provider like Webrzye seo Toronto.

Nothing can be as bad as an article overstuffed with keywords. None likes an overcooked food, with excessive use of specific words you are doing the same with your content. This strips the article out of its quality and doesn’t feel appealing at all. This has been considered as an unwanted and unethical trick to drive the traffic towards your website.

Broken links are the enemy of site’s ranking

You know those days when you are aiming for are so excited about reaching your destination and the car breaks down amidst nowhere. A broken link does that to your visitors! Naturally, these links gain you a bad reputation and negative response from your target audience. Not only visitors, but Google also doesn’t like broken links and can penalize a site that has a number of useless broken links. The problem is, sites build up these broken links by themselves. Therefore be careful and make sure your SEO Company is taking care of these issues.

Copy-pasted content is a No-No

Coping in school days was a punishable crime, guess what, it’s still an offensive move that might cost you a lot more than you think. In the world of search engine optimization Toronto, forget about any idea that has anything to do with stealing other’s article and posting it as yours. Writing or creating own content not only make it unique and pertinent, it gets a thumbs up from Google as well.

On the other hand, Google is strict about their policies against plagiarism. If found a copy-pasted content, it might demote your site rank or in the worst scenario, it will simply ban your website.

Duplicate content is so not appealing to search engines

This is different from copy-pasting from other’s content. In lots of cases, people use the same content in different pages of one site. It might look convenient, but it’s not expected from a reputed website. Often e-commerce sites repeat their content for more than one product. However, this might confuse the target audience and make them click the back button instantly.

Duplicate content also affects your rankings in a negative way. Also, don’t use the same title tags and meta description for every page of your site. If CMS is auto-generating them, ask search engine marketing  experts to fix the problem without any delay.

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