Discover How to Jailbreak Your iPad Within Minutes

If you want to know how to jailbreak an iPad then we can advise that it is now faster and easier than ever.

There are some great automated programs out their which will carry out the Jailbreak for you, otherwise you risk “bricking” your iPad for life, hacking it manually. So many people are running into this problem and it can not be reversed. However, a successful Jailbreak, can be restored to the original system at any stage.

Why the Jailbreak Ipad:

Jailbreaking is a process whereby users bypass the digital file protection rights imposed by Apple, Inc., hack it so that they can use it on different carriers other than Verizon or AT&T. Users can use the device to run free or custom applications that are either not supported by Apple or are not enlisted in their categories.

Initially, iPads were cracked by using computer chips but that was a tricky method as it involved a greater amount of risk and needs great expertise and careful handling. These chips are installed by removing the back cover of the device and running free applications and network services, if it works out, then you have successfully jailbroken your iPad.

However, the success rate through this process is very low and you may need to reboot the device before you can use it. Moreover, the device may also lose its warranty as it will be opened by unauthorized personnel (other than Apple employees).

Therefore, people use softwares to jailbreak their iDevices as this is a safe and more reliable method. Some of the popular jailbreak programs like RedSnow, Green Poison, etc come with a customer support. RedSnow releases regular software updates for their jailbreak programs.

Benefits of jailbreaking an iPad:

Majority of the people are reluctant to jailbreak their device because they aren’t aware of what the process involves. Not to worry! Because the process is completely safe and requires the following of easy steps by the users! This process has attracted many marketers as it is constantly gaining popularity among Apple iDevice users.

Users should download jailbreak programs from a trusted source because most of them are filled with malwares and potential viruses that may harm the device’s software. Apple has also declared that the device will lose its warranty if it is found jailbroken. So, it should be kept in mind that the software is download form a trusted source and remember to read user reviews before saving the file.

The benefits of using a Jailbroken iPad are countless. Some of which are:

  • One of the greatest benefits of jailbreaking an iPad is its capability to be used on networks other than Verizon or AT&T. This is an added advantage that distinguishes an iPad over a Blackberry. According to recent statistics, iPad has become one of the most widely used smartphones in the world. Jailbreak will allow you to select any network you want anywhere in the world.
  • Like touch screen ipods, people like to play non-approved Apps and third party applications that that are available on App store. This becomes possible through software called Cydia that is installed in the jailbreak process. You can download popular games like ‘Angry Birds’ or any other game through it and will be able to receive updates on the game, softwares, etc as well.
  • Another feature provided by jailbreak is the ability to install tweaks, screen savers, ringtones, etc. users can download free screen savers and can customize the iPad to their needs. They can also change the function of buttons and can install new icons as well. An added feature offered by a jailbreak is that users can not only download videos form YouTube but can upload as well.
  • Moreover, the iPad can also be used to create Wi-Fi hotspot whereby users can play multiplayer games. Users can use internet connection on their iPads without an existing Wi-Fi connection. Cool feature right?

Jailbreaking Ipad Through Software:

1.    Download a suitable jailbreak program along with the respective iOS firmware.
2.    Create a backup of all the data that is stored in your iDevice.
3.    Run the program. It will prompt for a firmware. Select the firmware and click next. Be sure to select Cydia.
4.    Connect the device to the computer making sure that it is turned off.
5.    Bring the device into DFU mode.
6.    The process will take a few minutes to complete and you will be notified as soon as it gets completed.