The Fastest Way to Jailbreak The iPad iOS4 Firmware Safely on Your Computer

Are you still wondering how to jailbreak iPad iOS4? There is really no reason for you to worry about jailbreaking your iPad. With the latest trends along and the advancement in development of more user-friendly and hassle-free jailbreaking software tools, your iPad is safe and still protected by the normal warranty period from Apple. The most reliable jailbreaking tool can transform your iPad into a life-changing device. It can even reverse the jailbreaking process without Apple knowing.

The Jailbreaking Process: What It Can Do and How You Can Benefit From It

Learning how to jailbreak iPad iOS4 is now very easy with just a few simple steps to follow.  With the latest innovations, the process is purely automatic.  This new automatic process is more convenient and affordable. In fact, there is no need for a third party device to be installed in your iPad like a microchip. The automatic process of jailbreaking your iPad iOS4 allows you to choose certain features that suit to your needs and preferences as an avid user of the device. The success rate is very high when you are using the automatic process. The software tool configures the operating system in your iPad iOS4. The procedure lifts the restriction limits set by Apple to your iPad device and allows your iPad iOS4 to bypass the limitations. This will allow you to download unlimited applications and games for free from third party developers outside the Apple Store. The most prominent portal for this is the Cydia application. Moreover, additional features and functions are also unlocked once your iPad device is successfully jailbroken. A great example of this is that you can customize the entire look of your iPad from the wallpaper screen of the springboard to the organization style of your games and applications. There are really countless ways for you to take advantage of your iPad iOS4 once it is successfully jailbroken.

The Automatic Jailbreaking Process

While there are several jailbreaking software tools available across the online market today, there is only one fundamental method that these software tools follow. All the available jailbreaking software tools come in various versions but all of these follow the same principle of jailbreaking your iPad iOS4.

The general steps below are applicable to all types of jailbreaking software tools, updates and versions.

  • Be sure to secure the compatibility mode of your computer’s operating system to the accepted firmware that is running in your iPad iOS4. If the firmware does not match, you can downgrade or upgrade the firmware.
  • Download and launch this software tool for the jailbreaking process. Then select the firmware IPSW for your iPad iOS4. Be sure to select the correct option.
  • Click “Next” and select other options for your preferences. Be sure to select “Cydia”.
  • Follow the proceeding instructions. You will be instructed to turn off your device and into DFU mode. You can have the DFU mode by holding the home button and the power button keys simultaneously. First release the power button and then the home button after a few seconds longer, about 10-15 seconds.
  • Connect your device to the computer. The jailbreaking software will detect the device and start to jailbreak your iPad.
  • The device will automatically reboot. After the process, your iPad is successfully jailbroken.

After you have successfully gone through with the whole process, you can enjoy the exciting things that your jailbroken iPad iOS4 device can offer. You can start downloading games and application using the Cydia software. You can also start personalizing the themes and other looks of your iPad to bring more life into it.

Jailbreaking Few Reminders

Always keep in mind that jailbreaking is a delicate process. While you can greatly benefit from jailbreaking, it can also harm your iPad device if not used properly. Choose the best and most ideal jailbreaking tool software from reliable online sources. Investigate if possible to find out which one is the best for your needs and preferences. Choosing the correct software tool for your jailbreaking process is the only step that you need to correctly initiate.