Jailbreaking an iPod Touch 3G with IOS 5

The market today is crowded with a bunch of jailbreaking tools that offer different ways to Jailbreak your iPod Touch 3G with IOS 5. Whatever the method is, there is only one purpose for all these jailbreaking tools, and that is to allow you to take full control of your iPod Touch 3G. These are the “must-have”, “can’t live without” tools for every iPod Touch 3G user. Those that don’t have the tools are left behind with a boring and dull iPod Touch device, while others are happily reaping the benefits of successful jailbreaking.

With jailbreaking tools, your dull and boring iPod Touch 3G device can turn into something with more life and color along with the many exciting features and added functionality. If you have had your iPod for quite some time now, you might be left with an obsolete device, given the new and updated iPod Touch versions. If your iPod is left unjailbroken, then your only choice is to buy a new, updated device that can cost you more. However, with the use of these hacking and jailbreaking tools, you do not need to spend more money on newer versions of your device. You can update your own version of the device to be even more exciting than the newly released iPod Touch. All you need is the right jailbreaking tools.

These tools will bypass the root system configurations of your 3G devices allowing you to take full control of the restricted features and functions such as customization of themes, downloading of hundreds and even thousands of third party applications and games without every paying the steep prices asked in the App store. With that, your dull and boring standardized iPod Touch 3G device is converted into something more like a brand new device with all the features and functions you could wish for.

Below is the jailbreaking process that would only take you a minute or two to complete, depending on the speed of your system. To make your jailbreaking process successful you need to follow a standard operating procedure which is observed in all jailbreaking tools regardless of the type of tool.

  1. First you need to secure a reliable and trusted tool for the jailbreaking process along with the needed peripheral programs such as iTunes and the exact firmware version for your device. Save the appropriate files and components to your desired location in your computer hard disk.
  2. Connect your iPod Touch device to your computer device following the appropriate synchronization for the device. Synchronize the files and firmware accordingly to verify that everything is compatible. This will open another dialogue window in the screen. Select the Cydia menu along with the other options that you prefer such as wallpapers and verbose boot
  3. Turn your 3G device to DFU mode for the restoring backup purposes.  Press and hold the power button at the same time for 10 seconds. Release the power button while still pressing the home button. This will make the device to restart and start jailbreaking.
  4. After the restart you can check if Cydia is successfully installed by downloading apps and games.

The process usually takes only 2 minutes depending on the speed of your device. You do not need any technical knowledge to complete the process. The most ideal jailbreaking tools are user-friendly and hassle-free for your convenience.