Jailbreak Any iPhone – Safe and Fast

People want to jailbreak their devices so that they can get the free applications, games and custom settings to suit their personal style..

Jailbreaking, in its technological terms, can be defined as a process whereby users hijack the device software so that they can run third party applications.

The process might have been a little tedious in the past, but we live in the 21st century where nothing is impossible.

However,utilizing the wrong method can permanently “brick” your firmware, making it a dead unit.

Sourcing Jailbreaking Assistance:

First things first! You need to search the web for a suitable jailbreak software. Increasing number of programs are emerging on the internet that claim to provide successful jailbreaks. Beware of them! As these programs are meant for marketing purpose and are filled with scams and potential malwares that will damage your device.

Some steps, therefore, should be kept in mind before you select a jailbreaking program.

  • Search the web thoroughly for jailbreak softwares.
  • Keep your choices open.
  • Acquire the list of programs and compare their prices.
  • Shortlist the programs and select a suitable one.
  • Read user reviews and blog posts over the jailbreak programs.

Some FAQs regarding jailbreak are also discussed below.

Wasn’t jailbreak of any device considered illegal?

Jailbreak was considered illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright act of 1998 but was made legal under the 2010 amendment of the Act. This act, now clearly states that devices can be jailbroken and users have all rights to do it (under what was termed as a fair use of the software).

Apple, on the other hand, has declared that any device, if found jailbroken, will immediately lose its warranty. However, that part can be taken care of as the process is completely reversible and leaves no trace behind.

Jailbreak my iphone:

As explained above, jailbreak requires the users to follow some easy steps. These steps should be kept in mind as they will help in the process. Some of the key points like turning the device off should be kept in mind.

The following is the jailbreak steps for an iphone:

  1. Download a suitable firmware version and save it on the desktop for an easy access.
  2. Download the jailbreak software and save it on the desktop as well.
  3. Create a backup for the device.
  4. Run the jailbreak program. The software will prompt for a firmware. Select it. Then select the Cydia option and click ‘Next’. This will help in downloading free stuff through the internet.
  5. Be sure to turn the device off before you connect it to the computer.
  6. Connect the iphone to the computer and click ‘Next’.
  7. Bring the device into the Firmware Upgrade mode.
  8. This is done by holding the home and power button for ten seconds. As soon as the device is turned on, release the power button keeping your finger on the home button for another five seconds.
  9. The program will soon take over the device and the jailbreak will begin followed by a ‘beep’.
  10. The process will take a few minutes. You will be notified as it is completed.

Cydia Installer:

Enjoy the newly jailbroken iphone. Now, you can download countless free Apps through Cydia. Cydia installer lets the user s to download free applications like games, updates, firmware and software upgrades, wallpapers, themes, etc. Users can download third party applications as well as the applications that are not supported by the App store.

Users can customize the device to their needs. Features like regular software and firmware upgrades, fully customizable wallpapers and themes, and Wi-Fi hotspot are the features that make iphone one of the best selling devices on the market.