The Best Free Games That Everyone Should Have On Their Phones

We all need to confess that there’s one game on our phones that we’re playing, no matter how old we are. We are always looking for the best, free games that we can find for our phones. This is why it is important to know all the free games that you just should have on your phone. You will be entertained for hours. Here’s the top three, free games that everyone should own, if you have an Android phone.

Frozen Bubble

We all have played the normal bubble game before. Especially on our computers. But, now you can have this fun, addictive game on your phone as well.

We all know the game where you’re firing multi colored germs up to add three of the same color to each other. The aim of this game is to keep the germs as high as possible. If the germ pack comes too far down, you’re game over.  This game isn’t difficult to play, but it is loved by all ages. This is just a fun relaxing game to play, when you’re a bit bored.

Neon 2 cars racing saga

Don’t worry, this isn’t like all the other racing cars where you need to steer and manage the petrol and break, like all the other racing cars.

With this game, you’re getting two neon cars that you need to steer and catch circles and triangles. And, you need to be careful of the squares. You need to steer both the two cars at the same time, and it can be quite difficult. You don’t have many keys to press at the same time. This is just a simple tapping game, with a twist.


Tetris is the one game that you can get for any platform. From PC to Android. And, everyone knows about Tetris and how to play this great game. This is one of the oldest games that are now playable on Android. Tetris is the one game that everyone loves playing that’s free and addictive. If you haven’t played Tetris before, you just must give this game a try.

We are always looking for the best, free games to play on our phones. We are normally using our phones for calling and texting, we need to admit, that we are also playing games when we’re bored. And these three games, especially Neon 2 cars racing saga, are addictive and really fun to play. This is the three games that everyone should have on their phones.