Buying A Laptop That Suits Your Needs

The usage of the laptop

Work – Whether you are a businessman, an office worker or student, your main goal is writing and editing, spreadsheets and creating presentations. So you want a laptop with a good keyboard, durable design and screen quality and Toronto IT support services.

Gaming – If you play games that require robust performance and graphics then choose a laptop with a processor of high class (Core i7) and quality graphics card. It is important to possess the same high resolution screen and good speakers. For such a powerful configuration you should expect to spend more than 1,000 dollars.

Graphic Design – If you are dealing with editing videos and photos or work with 3D design software for the type of SolidWorks and AutoCAD you will need a laptop with a powerful processor and discrete graphics.

Surf the Internet / email usage / fun – When the computer is required for these few simple tasks then it is best to choose a solution that will greatly burden your family budget.

For different purposes – If you cannot include it in one of the above categories or you need a laptop with balanced performance for multiple things at the same time (work, gaming, internet, etc.) Then select a business laptop with a middle-class, with solid support, but affordable price with excellent performance and a 5 year warranty.

Choose the right size

It is really important to correctly determine the size of the laptop. Laptops are generally ordered by the size of the screen:

11 to 12 inches, the thinnest and lightest systems have 11 to 12-inch screen and usually weigh more than a kilogram. However screens and keyboards of these devices can seem very small for some users.

Then you have 13 to 14 inches. This size provides the best balance of portability and usability. Laptops with 13 or 14-inch screen typically weigh about 2 kg and fit easily in your lap, and still have acceptable size of keyboard and display.

15 inches: The most popular size, 15-inch notebooks are usually the most affordable and usually weigh 2-3 kg. If you plan to carry your laptop every day, then a 15-inch system might be a good choice for you. Most 15-inch models have DVD readers, but will save on weight if you choose a laptop without this feature, so some systems allow to install a second hard drive on the space of the DVD reader.

17 to 18 inches. If you want a big screen, 17 or 18-inch systems can provide sufficient processing power for real gamers or for those who need a powerful portable workstation. Dimensions of these computers allow them to incorporate powerful processors and graphics cards. However do not expect that you will get a lightweight laptop that you can to carry with you every day and everywhere – because these laptops tend to weigh more than 3kg.