Top Search Marketing Buzzwords For 2016

Steele Champion, claims that buzzwords have been used to silently tell people you understand them. You want people to know that you know them. You also feel a connection to those who understand you (and vice versa).

6 Search Marketing Buzzwords

You should understand why buzzwords are so important for content marketers, before you focus on any particular term. Buzzwords have a certain life and they may disappear and reappear according to the trend. So, it’s always good to have a proper understanding about them. Well, you wouldn’t be able to get all of them at once, this post  focusses on top buzzwords that will rule most parts of this year. For more words, you can always consult Webryze that offers the best search engine marketing consultant Toronto. It’s worthwhile to learn how to use buzzwords effectively in order to put yourself in the right position.

  1. Actionable Analytics

According to dataphine – a leader in business intelligence software, 2016 will see more of business intelligence software and they’ll be more intuitive and intelligent.

This year, one of the most common tech buzzword will be “actionable analytics”. As there has been an increasing use of business analytics and big data, this buzzword will become more common with time. While tools and software for actionable analytics have been created, you’ll see more of them in coming months. These tools will help correlate to different types of data for creating real time response.

  1. Device Mesh

You must have heard about Internet of Things in past. It will be used more and more as you move towards the end of 2016, and will become common. What about the buzzword “device mesh”? Will it go to the similar path?

Device mesh refers to the connective tissue between different devices, such as

  • Wearables
  • Mobile,
  • Home appliances
  • Auto devices and more

Device mesh is what’s expected to propel the Internet of Things forward.

  1. Social Reach

This particular buzzword is getting into mainstream, after having been around for quite a while now. It refers to the number of occasionsyour social media content has been viewed by a certain individual.

  1. Influencer Marketing

This calendar year will have another popular buzzword, “influencer marketing” which isn’t a new term. It’s not uncommon for businesses like Under Armor and Coca-Cola who’vebeen doing this for years. Soon, you’ll see smaller brands following the suit in 2016.

It refers to influential people who promote your brand. As opposed to brand or product, the goal of influencer marketing is to focus the advertisements and marketing messages on the influencer. It is done so that the viewers automatically associate the individual with the brand.

  1. Biased Algorithms

A hot topic these days: Do algorithms really exist or it’s just the humans behind the scene with their biased views? Isn’t it biasness when Google shows more ads around top-earning jobs to men than to women? This phenomenon was actually discovered by Carnegie Mellon University.

Easy for Google it wouldn’t disclose such discrepancy in its algorithms, but the SERPs data will give you different results. So biased algorithms are going to rule the trends, as binary code is getting popularity these days.

  1. Authenticity

As a content marketer, you’ll be familiar with endorsed marketing messages and authentic marketing messages. Authenticity is for the latter. In other words, it refers to how you appear in front of your audience and impact their perceptions. This year, this buzzword will be used quite frequently. Social media marketing is directly related to authenticity so, there will be more brands focusing on authenticity in search marketing.

Final Thoughts

In summary, if you want to know how to use buzzwords in the business environment of today, there are just three words; Use Them Carefully. There will be times when buzzwords may not be appropriate, but you’ll have your chances to elaborate their meanings.

While considering using buzzwords in 2016, keep above mentioned buzzwords in mind.Use them sparingly and avoid overusing them in the wrong ones.