Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review

‘Easy to use’ and ‘screen capture’ are two terms that very often don’t seem to go hand in hand – which has led to many people steering clear of it in general. That being said nowadays screen capture is really too useful to ignore, and if you are able to record video footage directly from your screen it will allow you to capture online video streams, record Skype calls, save live webinars, and much more.

To put it simply: Having the ability to capture video footage from your screen has numerous applications – which is why you should definitely check out the Movavi Screen Capture Studio.  By focusing on providing users with an intuitive and straightforward experience, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is able to side-step the complexity that most people expect out of it. Right from the very first time you use it you’ll find that you don’t need to go through any sort of learning curve and will be able to screen grab in just a few minutes.

Flexible Options and Features

On top of being ever so easy to use, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio also manages to provide ample options and features to make itself flexible and suit any and all types of situations. It will let you:

Set the frame rate up to 60 frames per second for smooth playback, or less to conserve space.

Define the capture region by re sizing and positioning the window, using one of the preset regions, or recording the entire screen.

Select the audio source by choosing between the system audio and audio captured from some other device such as a microphone or MIDI device.

Capture keyboard and mouse actions by showing key presses on screen and highlighting the mouse cursor.

Cut and combine video segments to get rid of unwanted footage and merge clips together in any sequence.

Enhance the video quality and correct common issues such as blurry, shaky or pixelated segments.

Add customizable text to create unique-looking subtitles, titles, captions or watermarks.

Include audio tracks as background music or voiceovers.

Apply stylish filters and special effects to alter the visual appearance of the video.

As you can see, between the features provided in the Movavi Screen Capture Studio you should have no trouble not only recording the video footage that you need, but also transforming it into a high quality and professional-looking production. Whether for personal or business purposes, it is bound to prove invaluable in numerous ways.