Celtic Cross: A Navigational Tool

From the name itself it is clear that it relates to Christianity and has a great historical importance. The Celtic cross necklace bearing a cross pendant has a circular base which is present at the meeting point of the four arms. Celtic symbolizes strength, mystery and power and hence the Celtic cross is a representation of faith. The Celtic cross figure is different from a normal cross figure as it has a circular ring at its base that is not found in a normal cross figure. In the nineteenth century, Celtic cross‘s contemporary way and appearance became more popular during the Revival period of Celtic, when the recent Celtic identity got formed. The propagation of the artistic form of Celtic expanded and it became an integral part of Celtic’s heritage. The sign moved beyond various church architectures and monuments, which gave it a new way to get transformed into renowned form of jewellery and art.

How does it work?

The Celtic cross is supposed to be serving as a navigational tool in various aspects. The four arms of the cross are considered to represent the spiritual navigation system, namely four important elements as self, divine, wisdom and the nature which instils general spiritual belief in an individual and provides hope and courage when the person feels low. According to the time navigation, the Celtic cross defines two times of an entire date, its day time and night. The horizontal divider defines a top portion and a bottom portion to the cross representing sunrise and sunset, respectively.

The circle stands for infinity and eternity and is a way to represent endless love from of God’s end which is well depicted through sacrifice of Christ on the cross. The circular ring also symbolizes the Crucifixion mystery and renaissance of Christ continues in order to offer faith and hope to people all the time. The name of Celtic cross has been derived out of the presence of an inland called Celtic island in Ireland. They are much more associated with Ireland, instead of Scotland and Wales because they are mostly in variety on this island of Ireland. Catholics prefer to wear the cross along with a ring at the base known as Irish cross for them. Hence, now this design has become a lot famous and is seen live in the form of not only statues, but is also represented as t-shirts, jewellery, logos, etc. Hence, people prefer to wear this cross as a necklace so that they can carry it always with themselves.