5 Reasons Why You Should Buy The G700 Led Torch

If you haven’t updated your old flashlight you’ve been missing out lately. There is so much progress in the flashlight industry that some flashlights nowadays even have lasers on them just as an extra feature. The flashlights we are going to talk about today are so called “tactical military led flashlights”. The reason behind this name is the fact they most of the models that are currently popular were originally made for military use only and now they are released to the public.

One flashlight that’s been viral for quite some time is the G700 led flashlight. Advertised as the brightest flashlight in the world the G700 is been selling as crazy since it was released in October, 2015. In this post I’m going to name few of the reasons why you should buy the G700 so if you are in that phase where you find it hard to find a very bright tactical flashlight this post will also help you figure out what to look for when buying a flashlight.

Because it is bright as the sun

There is no other tactical flashlight that is brighter than the G700. Other models like the Tactical Flashlight Shadowhawk X800 or the Fenix are also very bright but the G700 technology works in a much different way than the rest. First of all, the G700 uses a led chip instead of led diodes. With this feature only, the G700 battery lasts more and the light is almost 20 times more powerful than the regular flashlights that use led diodes.

With 700 lumen worth of light power, the G700 can reach up to 2,000 feet or more according to some recent studies. The optical lens on top of the flashlight also allows you to manipulate your light so it can go from wide open to very small.

Because it has multiple light modes

The G700 has 5 different light modes that can manipulate two different verticals; light reach and radius and light interruption. The zoom feature on the flashlight allows you 3 different modes including low, medium and high. The light mode includes regular continuous light, strobe light and SOS light.

You must keep in mind that not many flashlights have even half of the features I mentioned above. Some actually, don’t even have a sensitive power on/off button that can be used to send Morse code signals. That is why the G700 wins over most military grade led flashlights that also cost as much as the G700.

Because is very affordable

Most Fenix flashlights cost above $200 while the G700’s retail price is only $56. If you compare the G700 to the X700 or X800 flashlight you will notice no difference at all, despite the fact that these two other brands cost almost 40% more than the G700 flashlight.

My point here is not to convince you to buy the G700 flashlight but to explain you why is it better than most other brands. If you want to find out more about the G700 Flashlight than you should read this G700 military flashlight review.

Thanks for reading my post. If you have any other questions related to the G700 feel free to ask me anything in the comments below.