Should Web Developers Use WordPress?

When working with WordPress, developers should still apply coding standards. Many developers believe WordPress is architected really badly and inherently. They believe anyone who works on WordPress must be a sub-par developer. Now, that’s a very unfair judgment and I can tell from my expertise of being a software engineer that it is very far from the truth.

Why do developers work with WordPress?

True, there are architectural problems in the Core of WordPress. But good developers still choose to work with WordPress. Here’s why.

  • WordPress is Open source therefore we are contributing code to a greater cause.
  • WordPress has a large share of the market. 25%
  • Established platform. Large and small, old and new businesses are running on it (including some Government sponsored agencies).
  • Easily extendable. Many actions and filters.
  • Opens up great business opportunity, otherwise, let cheaper cost elsewhere steal your business.

Because of all of this and more, WordPress has a booming development community and it’s only getting bigger and better.

Are architectural hiccups in Core a good enough reason to ignore all of the WordPress benefits? Heck no!

Why should web developers not use WordPress?

WordPress designers and developers should be taken more seriously, not because of the winword_2017-01-06_15-28-43-1platform they choose to design or develop on, but for the skills that they exhibit in their work such as:

  • Working with frameworks and tools. The REST API has opened up opportunities for heavy JS development. The tooling available for WordPress is on par with other communities like Ruby, Python and Go.
  • Designing well architected WordPress themes, plugins and applications. Plugins, themes and applications don’t have to be restricted by the architecture of Core. Good WordPress developers apply standards to their code.
  • Carrying out challenging tasks. If you’re working with any semi-decent sized WordPress website there are challenges around scaling. There are many other kinds of challenges around architecture, design, UI and more. Challenges create stronger developers.
  • Possess community spirit. Many WordPress developers have a good sense of community spirit. They are great team players.

These skills are necessary of any developer. WordPress web developers are no exception. That is why web developers in Toronto use WordPress often to develop large projects.