Frequent Seo Mistakes To Avoid

An expert from a renowned SEO agency will incorporate the necessary tools and tricks to boost a site’s rank and increase its visitors. Their motto is to create a solid viewer/customer base for their clients. However, there are some mistakes that give the professionals doing search engine marketing their worst nightmare.

Here are the most common blunders that you must avoid.

Stuffing your article with excessive keywords

Some internet marketing agencies implement this tool for manipulating Google for better ranking, however, fooling Google is impossible and chances are your site will end up in nowhere at SERP. To avoid bitter consequences check with an esteemed service provider like Webrzye seo Toronto.

Nothing can be as bad as an article overstuffed with keywords. None likes an overcooked food, with excessive use of specific words you are doing the same with your content. This strips the article out of its quality and doesn’t feel appealing at all. This has been considered as an unwanted and unethical trick to drive the traffic towards your website.

Broken links are the enemy of site’s ranking

You know those days when you are aiming for are so excited about reaching your destination and the car breaks down amidst nowhere. A broken link does that to your visitors! Naturally, these links gain you a bad reputation and negative response from your target audience. Not only visitors, but Google also doesn’t like broken links and can penalize a site that has a number of useless broken links. The problem is, sites build up these broken links by themselves. Therefore be careful and make sure your SEO Company is taking care of these issues.

Copy-pasted content is a No-No

Coping in school days was a punishable crime, guess what, it’s still an offensive move that might cost you a lot more than you think. In the world of search engine optimization Toronto, forget about any idea that has anything to do with stealing other’s article and posting it as yours. Writing or creating own content not only make it unique and pertinent, it gets a thumbs up from Google as well.

On the other hand, Google is strict about their policies against plagiarism. If found a copy-pasted content, it might demote your site rank or in the worst scenario, it will simply ban your website.

Duplicate content is so not appealing to search engines

This is different from copy-pasting from other’s content. In lots of cases, people use the same content in different pages of one site. It might look convenient, but it’s not expected from a reputed website. Often e-commerce sites repeat their content for more than one product. However, this might confuse the target audience and make them click the back button instantly.

Duplicate content also affects your rankings in a negative way. Also, don’t use the same title tags and meta description for every page of your site. If CMS is auto-generating them, ask search engine marketing  experts to fix the problem without any delay.