Iphone Mobile Apps For Health and Safety

Few industries evolve faster than the mobile industry today. Users continually give feedback to service providers, manufacturers and software vendors. Some of those software developments are  those downloadable apps, and the variety of apps for smartphone users run the full gamut from games, coupon sites and social networking interfaces to photo-editing to travel to first aid. Within just the first aid and related catalogs, here are just a few of the medical or healthcare apps available for most mobile phones.

First Responder Radio App

Not just for smartphones but for any computing device, this emergency radio app turns your device into an emergency responder radio. This app covers some of the coverage and functionality gaps left by Land Mobile Radio. Not intended to replace 911 pages by civilian users, Emergency Responders – police, EMTs, paramedics, firefighters and the like – can receive and send signals and transmissions via complementing technology that most ER systems use.

The responders can communicate with civilian personnel who might have special knowledge of architecture, materials and even occupants in buildings or geographical areas.
Supervisors or emergency commanders can monitor operational communications when LMR falls short.

The US contractor and Raytheon, collaborators in this mobile app technology, have not determined  what exact devices the app will support, but its potential is tremendously exciting.

Lapka and Its Environmental Test App

Lapka is a separate device that coordinates with a mobile app downloaded onto your IPHONE. Its four sensors test invisible particles, molecules, waves and ions around us.
One claim this device and app makes is that it can test your food for its level of organicity: Was it grown with fertilizer or pesticides, for example. Users insert the probe into food items, and the food is analyzed for nitrates that are commonly used in fertilizers.
Also, Lapka is reputed to test air temperature, humidity, radiation levels and electromagnetic frequencies, as well as other testable parameters, in our personal environments.


The top form of cancer in the United States, Australia and many sun-drenched areas around the globe is skin cancer. With the thinning of the ozone, the concern over contracting this condition has escalated during the last decade. UMSkinCheck is a mobile app that helps check for and tracks potential skin cancer development.

Start in a private area with a full length mirror, though. The app requires a base line of 23 photos of your body.

It prompts follow-up tracking, encourages medical check-ups and provides information and tips on the condition and how to prevent it.

Similar apps via iTunes include MelApp and Handyscope, though the latter is aimed more toward healthcare professionals than laypeople.

UMSkin is a free download on iTunes and may be free for other mobile OS devices as well.

Cough Diagnostics

Use your smartphone to diagnose the condition that is causing your cough. Dry, percussive, TB-related and other conditions are diagnosed by the sound of your cough.

While immediately cleaning the surface of your phone is highly recommended, Cough Diagnostics might aim you toward bed rest and lots of tissues and fluid, or it might direct you to immediately seek medical treatment.