Census in Chicago with ValueMags

In a recent Chicago census from the Census Board, ValueMags found out that Chicago’s population is declining. Once again, the population in Chicago has gone down as it has in
previous years. It has lost over double the amount of people (residents) that is has in the previous year. The scariest part of the census for local businesses and the city government is that is was the only major United States city to have a decline in the number of residents they have. Among the companies that are worried about their business is ValueMags. Although the marketing and distribution company for magazine publishers ships across the country, a significant chunk of their business is still in Chicago. Now, business owners and locals are asking themselves if Chicago will become the next Detroit. They are close enough in proximity therefore the cities have the same same financials (have the potential to) and have the same climate. What was once a business city is now deserted. Will Chicago become the same? And if so, what will it do to local businesses?

If that is the reality that companies are facing, they need to adapt. After the census came out, ValueMags was one of the companies that quickly went digital. They also realized that the print industry was dying with the green movement so they had to find a way to keep their business alive. The company has just released a digital app which has all their magazines online so they do not have to contribute to as much printing (although it is still an option for clients). ValueMags is proud to say that their company has been very successful with the integration and transition as well. The company highly encourages other companies to adapt so they do not end up like all the businesses in Detroit once upon a time. Those companies failed to adapt to their financial realities and societal trends and they are no longer in business.