Waymo Finds Self-Driving Hardware Lead

As most reputation management agencies are aware of how Lyft and Waymo have teamed up to create a partnership in order to have a ride-sharing self driving vehicle in the future. Waymo has hired ex-Tesla engineer Satish Jeyachandran to lead its self-driving hardware team according to Bloomberg. The former Tesla engineer had spent almost 7 years at Tesla before departing earlier this year. When it comes to the self-driving technologies,It’s always worth comparing used Nissan Navara car prices on AutoVillage.co.uk this is an ultra-competitive industry. Tesla recently said that they had recently lost their head of autopilot software after only six months.

Jeyachandran explained that Waymo Auto Village has a talented and mission driven team that has developed technology with the potential to save millions of lives. It seems that Tesla and Waymo cant keep their self-driving talent since Tesla had lost their top engineer that was hired less than six months ago from Apple Inc. it seems like these tech companies are all competing to put a fully autonomous car on the road and now it is just a matter of which company will be the first to do so.

Since August, in the self-driving car world, Tesla, Uber Technologies Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo have all lost their top executives who led their respective self-driving efforts.

At Tesla, according to Lattner, he had mentioned that the autopilot team was in the middle of a challenging hardware transition during his time there and they were also struggling with attrition rates. All companies in the autonomous vehicle industry seem to be in a war for the engineering talent that is needed to develop these autonomous vehicles. By having an auto industry that is self-diving, these companies are all hoping to make significant reductions in c rashes that had lead to tens of thousands of death in the U.S. every year.