Montreal SEO Expert: Herman Tumurcuoglu

Montreal SEO Expert Herman Tumurcugolu is from an Armenian background but born and raised in Montreal. He is currently the founder and CEO of a Montreal based SEO Expertise Company. However, he started in the industry as a co-founder of, one of the first search engine before Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Now, it is a coupon search engine. Being a pioneer of the web search industry, Tumurcuoglu understand the back end of a search engine algorithm. As a result, he was one of the first to develop a reverse SEO strategy and an effective SEO strategy. The strategy he has developed has been developed over years but it is constantly evolving as well.

Why? Often times, individual keep their product formulas is they have been perfected. However, every time the Montreal SEO Expert has perfected his strategy, Google’s algorithm gets more sophisticated. As Google and fellow search engines refine their algorithms and begin to make SEO strategies harder to execute effectively, he needs to keep up. As personal consulting dominated his career, Tumurcuoglu is very aware of the impact of meeting a client’s expectations. If they are not met or the service is not as tight as it used to be, other potential clients will know.

The Montreal SEO Expert cannot stress enough the importance of keeping up with your industry trends. For more information about the Montreal SEO Expert, contact him using the link provided above. His years of experience in the web search field has lead him to be the leading SEO consultant in North America.