Why You Should Be Using Handy

Handy is an online based company that specializes in contracting out qualified workers who excel in home repair. Be it a plumber or an electrician you are in dire need of, or you just want someone else to have to deal with the hassle of painting your twelve foot high walls, visit the website and book everything online at your convenience. I never knew how easy home repairs could be until I found . Now I won’t use anything else, and here is why you shouldn’t either.

First of all, it’s a web based service – so you literally never need to talk to any humans at all, until the worker shows up at your door (precisely on time, might I add). If you’re like me and you really aren’t the greatest at making your own doctor’s appointments or calling back people who have left you (ugh, dreaded) voicemails, then using a website or an app is next to a godsend. You can peruse reviews, find out the estimated cost of the work you need done, and even see how long the work should take.

Secondly, the workers that Handy hires are all well vetted. They only hire the best workers, and they expect them to go above and beyond for their clients. The people that work for the company has been through background checks, so you can feel safe when letting a stranger into your home. If you don’t trust their vetting process you can check reviews online written by customers.

Next I want to guarantee you that you won’t be overpaying for any of the services rendered. The website will give you an estimated cost before you book anything, so you can feel secure knowing you’re not going to be ripped off after the work is completed. To add to this point you don’t need to make sure you stop at a sketchy ATM on the way home from work, you can securely pay online through either the app or the website. That’s probably one of my favourite parts because I hate carrying cash on me, and so getting some to pay someone would just be a hassle I’d rather avoid.

Not only does Handy have repairmen who can get to you as quickly as the next day, they also have workers who can tend to less urgent needs of your home as well. You can hire painters, furniture assemblers, and cleaners too. Basically I think you should definitely give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose, and better plumbing, better lighting, and new bold walls to gain!