Why Have A Backlink Managing Website? Is It Worth It?

While it might seem that backlink managing websites are overrated, we will show you why it’s not!

In a world where SEO is getting more and more scrutinized, you need a set of tools that can keep your site findable, without getting penalized. So, how do you do it? Ever since Google got its algorithym update, code named Penguin, many people saw their hard-earned relevance be relegated to obscurity. They had been using many methods like the exact keyword match to push themselves up to the first page of the search results and were doing some spending to keep themselves there, then, in the blink of an eye, saw their hard work go to pieces.

If we are to understand why backlink managing websites are important, we might as well take a look at the changes that took place and what made them relevant.

After the Penguin update, Google started to look at websites and blogs, and then penalized the websites that had anchor text on backlinks coming into your website that was an exact match to the keywords you had optimized your website for. So, let’s say your website was optimized for the keywords, ‘Lose 7 lbs this week’, then upon checking your backlinks Penguin found that the anchor text for those backlinks was ‘Lose 7 lbs this week’, then bam, that backlink would land you in the red penalty zone.

Remember, in paper, your backlinks should come from users that place those backlinks because they found your site or blog to be meaningful for what they were looking for, not because you had paid them to. So, Penguin sees that a website with all keyword exact matches as spam. Why? Because doing this naturally is impossible. So, how can you go around this?

Well, remember that there are a few possibilities on keyword matches: exact, partial, branded (which is when you use your brand as the anchor text), naked links (URLs), generic (Click here), and Image (Pic). What naturally occurs is a combination of all of these. Some of them will be better in a given situation while other will bring you greater benefits by making your site more relevant. A good place to start is by removing backlinks that are an exact match for the words your site is optimized for.

If this is sounding a little too complicated, don’t worry, it isn’t This is where backlink managing websites play their role and take all the hassle away. There are many tools that will make this process easy. A backlink profile manager will help you see the profile stats in an organized, easy-to-read format. You will see the data you need in order to make more informed backlink decisions. It will provide real-time ranking results with just a few clicks before you make all the changes to your real site.

By using these tools, you will garner a lot of research and practice that will help you get the most appropriate link profile for your site. This will be done in a comprehensive way that includes backlinks and anchor text. The result will be seeing your page climb up the ranks in Google search engine. By using a profile manager, out goes the guesswork of backlinking and SEO. Your site will be relevant and popular and in compliance with your company’s own SEO campaign.

So, by using these easy steps, you will be on your way out of the nightmare of getting penalized, and to the haven, that relevance can bring your site. Start backlinking the right way!