Jailbreak iPhone 5S and 5C – IOS 7 Leaks – Tips and Warnings

Perhaps you have heard about the phrase “jailbreak iPhone 5s” but you don’t understand it thoroughly? What jailbreaking is, what we must pay attention to and how we can jailbreak seem to the most common questions of many people who concern about this. The following information may give you a closer approach as well as tips about jailbreaking iPhone.

Jailbreak is a process allowing iPhone 5S and 5C  users to access to iOS 7 and eliminate any restrictions imposed on your phone by Apple, AT&T or Verizon. After jailbreaking, your iPhone can still utilize the App Store, iTunes and other normal functions; however, your warranty will be voided. Jailbreak is actually not for piracy, but it’s innovation to make your iPhone your own.

Reasons for Jailbreaking

No restrictions! Yes, you can install third-party applications, applications that were not supported by Apple in the App Store for certain causes and customize your iPhone as you want. Moreover, users also have chance to get quite expensive software installation for free by jailbreaking their phones.

You can do a lot of things to your device after jailbreaking it like changing the way it functions and completely modifying how it looks. It’s worth doing!

How To Jailbreak

Many jailbreaking tools are available in the internet to apply, for example, Evasion, Absinthe, JailbreakMe Caktus.com, etc. Compare and choose the most suitable tool and download and follow the instructions to jailbreak your iPhone. But, read the tips and notes we tell you now before implementing to jailbreak your device.

Tips and Warnings Before Jailbreaking

To completely enjoy cool experience after your iPhone is jailbroken, you should draw your attention to some notes:

  • If the software published outside the App Store is optimized poorly or often utilizes resource-draining services, it can have impact on iPhone battery life along with the system stability.
  • Jailbreak can void the warranty, therefore, you can’t rely on AT&T, Verizon, or Apple to give you support.
  • All applications which jailbreak your phone are unauthorized and they possibly damage or disable your iPhone. So do carefully when you jailbreak your iPhone.
  • When jailbreaking, your data and other important settings can be lost if you pull out the USB cable when it hasn’t been finished. So it’s necessary to backup up your devices before jailbreaking. However, in case you don’t backup and lose your data, you can recover it by iPhone Data Recovery. Moreover, during the process, you should make sure iTunes is closed, and do not touch your device.
  • Do not update to a new firmware version until you know there is an untethered Jailbreak available.

Hopefully, these tips and information are useful and fulfill your wish of a device running a lot of exceptional applications and personalizing configurations, or in other words, you can open yourself up to a whole new world.