How Captcha Has Enhanced Online Security?

CAPTCHA stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” and the basic purpose of captcha is to differentiate between humans and computer. You might have come across various distorted images and one has to clear that stage in order to get full access or fill registration forms. A number of websites are using Captcha codes to enhance their online security. They might appear difficult to understand but only humans can understand it. In addition to it, bots lack the ability to identify sites that are using captcha.

Captcha deals with:

  • Security of the website
  • Accessibility

It offers extraordinary protection from bots and offers great online security. Most of the people think that they cannot go through this stage because these are hard to identify for some people and people with physical shortcomings cannot read the code in a proper way. The basic strategy that is being used by captcha is that it asks questions that only humans have the ability to answer. To get more information, you should visit and get a clear idea of things. A distorted image is created in this process which can only be identified by humans since computer or robots lack this ability. Users using any particular website are requested to enter the given code in the image and then they access that particular website.

3 benefits of Captcha:

Captcha has many benefits and the most prominent ones are mentioned below:

  • No more spam comments:

Using CAPTCHA can help websites is protecting their content and restrict access to computers. A number of bloggers are using these codes since they receive numerous spam comments on a daily basis and these codes help them in securing their account. Spammers can attack your website with hundreds of comments and you can secure your site by using captcha codes. This will help them in allowing only humans to have access to their blog and website.

  • Registration Forms are protected by Captcha codes:

A number of websites have incorporated Captcha in order to enhance the reliability of their registration forms. A number of Google documents and registration forms are using these codes. This also enhances the credibility of the sites. In this manner, registration is only done by humans and not by computers.

  • The online shopping experience is secure:

This offers amazing online shopping experience as no bots can access your personal information. A number of online stores have placed these codes at the bottom of their sites in order to provide an unforgettably safe shopping experience to their users.