The Best Guest Blogging Tips Of 2019

The Best Guest Blogging Tips Of 2019


Guest blogging has spread widely across the internet. It has become one of the key elements of a content management plan for businesses.

The reason is simple; everyone needs good content for their website or blog.

But, it is not easy to produce original and high-quality content so frequently. So, the website owners who start accepting guest posts on their website can have a supply of fresh and great content regularly. And, publishing high-quality content regularly will go a long way to bring more search engine optimization for the host website.

And, for the bloggers, writers, and freelancers, it is a way to express their thoughts and build their online presence. The reasons are varied, but the guest posting works for almost all.

However, the biggest dilemma that the guest bloggers face is while selecting the right host site for guest posting. I have shared some tips that can help you choose the right website for guest posting.

  • The Category of Host Site

One must remember that the criteria of evaluation of host sites for your guest post are relative. And, these can differ from one blogger to another as it changes with your purpose of guest posting.

But, the primary criterion is to select sites relevant to your area of work. If you are trying to establish your career as a blogger, writer, or freelancer, you must aim for blogs hosted by well-known bloggers and writers.

It is thus crucial to be specific about the niche that you are writing for. If you are passionate about writing for technology or marketing, it is better to concentrate on technology or marketing blogs.  And, if you are an expert at writing travelogue, you must select travel related sites.

Ultimately your purpose is that the audience of the host site reads your post and shares it. And every website has a fixed type of audience. So, writing on sites relevant to your areas of interest can increase the possibility of your post being read and shared by the right type of audience.

If you are targeting audience demographically, the traffic information of a website speaks volumes about the location specificity.

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  • Optimum Numbers

Guest blogging is not about numbers. And, if you don’t accept this, you can jeopardize your purpose of guest posting.

There is as such no optimum number of guest posts that you must do per week or month. As a writer, if you are fond of guest blogging and you want your content to reach a wide audience frequently, you may follow your heart and write as much as you want. If your posts are accepted on host blogs, you will naturally get large numbers. But, not all of these posts will be equally popular! And, you are not just writing to fill the internet, are you?

To solve this problem, while you can blog about anything and everything when it is your blog, you should be more selective of what you are sharing on other blogs and websites as a guest post. Guest post is like a gift. So, do share only your best work as a guest post. I am sure you want to be known for the quality of your work!

  • High-Quality Hosts

The first and foremost crucial factor in guest posting should be your choice of the host site for guest posting. While we come across the words, “high-quality sites”, almost everywhere, how do you judge which sites are the best for guest posting?

While high-quality sites can also differ by your purpose of guest posting, one of the basic criteria that you must consider is the domain authority of the host site. DA is an indication of how the site is expected to rank in the search engine results.  Now you know why a good DA does matter when you are choosing a site for hosting your content.

Another crucial parameter is that the spam score of the host site must be low. Though it is not one of the major concerns for freelancer bloggers, if you are guest posting as a company, you must also ensure that you choose a site with a low spam score for publishing your guest post.

The story doesn’t end here. A host website with a high DA and a low spam score is no good for your guest post if it is not relevant.

Now you are aware that you have to select a site with a good DA, low spam score, and relevant audience. But, is it as simple? Will it ensure that your post gets good viewership and engagement?

The answer is, no! It is now becoming increasingly important that your content is shared well through different channels on the internet. Social media is one of the best channels for getting more engagement for your content.

Even the owners of some very good websites don’t realize the importance of social sharing. However, if you select such websites for guest posting, your post, no matter how good it is, will not reach a wide audience.

So, when trying to select a site for guest posting, it becomes necessary also to assess if the host is sharing their content enough on social media platforms.

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  • Promote Your Posts

While you do expect the host site to share your content on social media, it doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility of working hard for your post outreach.

You must share your content on your social media platforms and also encourage your friends to do so if they like your content. Each platform has its merits and demerits. And, depending on the type of post that you have written, you may select 2 or 3 social media platforms, if not all!

And, once you have shared your post on social media, always interact with the audience who are reading your post and commenting on it. Your interactions can encourage feedback from the readers and feedback will still help you improve.

This is not all! You must also share links of your guest posts on your website or blog. Ultimately, the site host also expects you to promote his website when he is promoting you through his website.

Wrapping Up!

If you have read this post diligently, you will be able to make a better decision in choosing the host website for your content or guest post.

So, keep writing engaging content and reach your audience through the best hosts. Bon writing!

Author Bio

Jin Markov is a Content Writer with GoodFirms, a research firm in the USA. He has an experience of 6 years and has been writing on areas related to SEO and digital marketing.