Features You Can Get With AWhite Label CMS Multisite

CMS Multisit

The world being the global village it currently is, is because of developers, designers and tech gurus who go the extra mile to break boundaries, finesse solutions and develop platforms which billions can use to alleviate their daily struggles. Some of these solutions are accessed on websites, blogs and other internet platforms and it takes a developer or web designer to actually create and maintain these highly used sites. A lot of these developers use WordPress to create these trafficked sites while managing its content through its system. Also, with respect to demand and supply, there is something called White Labelling. This is basically branding of sorts. In a WordPress multisite network, customizing each sub-site’s menu’s and logos to synchronize with the parent brand can be really tedious. However, there are plugins with which developers can use to bring ease, personalization and easy understanding to their client’s content management system. White Label CMS multisite plugin, is an example of such plugins and this piece is all about the platter of features a web designer, developer and client can receive with it.

multisite_03_1500_02@2x.png (3000×780)

There’s an extensive list of features and functionality which one can get from using this plugin on their WordPress Multisite. These features help ease the entire design processes and improve user navigation too. They include:

  • Login page customization
  • Dashboard customization
  • Menu customization
  • Include branding icon to the header or footer
  • Menu customization, depending on the client’s preference.
  • Branding features.
  • Navigation customization
  • Screen options
  • Speedy dashboard setup.
  • Advanced settings, importing and exporting features

This is only a tip of a very dense iceberg.  Ultimately, with the White Label CMS plugin, developers can design better multisites that are compatible, user-friendly, easily navigated, purposefully and tastefully branded for their clients with ease. It makes these multisites compatible with a handful of browsers like Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge and IE11. Being a software, you can expect updated versions from time to time. This ensures that all bugs and problems that users may have witnessed in previous versions are resolved in the newer one, and it also keeps developers in the loop with current features in technology.

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As a developer, you already know most plugins and features on WordPress are free, however, like others, this White Label CMS Multisite plugin most definitely isn’t free. A plugin with intense features as this cannot possibly be free. However, what’s great about it is that it’s quite affordable. With as low as $25, you can give your clients the multisite of their dreams. You can grant them the control and power over their multisite and other related sub sites as well. In essence, there is a large array of tools, features, and functionality that is embedded in a White Label CMS Multisite for effective content management within the site. This plugin can be gotten either on WordPress itself or other plugin sites.