6 Health Hazards Related With Cell Phones Use


Nowadays mobile phone has become an integral part of society and we can say it undoubtedly that it is a very useful tool as it eases contact with friends, relatives, and colleagues. Interesting thing is that there are more cell phones than the individual in the world because presently 5,000 million of people have cell phones and on average each has 1.5 cell phone which means that there are 7,500 million cell phones approximately in the world whereas the total population of people is 7,350 million. But each innovation that gives such advantages. iPhone repair comes with a consequent cost. Other than the number of mobile phone calls every day, the length of each call and the measure of time individuals use mobile phones are significant factors that increase the human-related hazards.

Here is the list of 6 Health hazards related to cell phone use:

Causes Stress

Due to the excessive use of cell phone for texting and talking, people become unable to do anything productive which in some cases even lead to psychological disorders. Studies have demonstrated that people who invest a lot of their energy with their mobile phones are increasingly inclined to fatigue and stress.

Teen Tendonitis (TTT)

The other effect of cell phones on the social life of youngsters is that teenagers are completely dependent on messaging. Pain in the back, hands, and neck because of poor stance can be caused due to abundant chatting and can prompt Teen Tendonitis (TTT). It can likewise prompt weakened vision and even joint inflammation down the line.

Sleep deprivation

The greater part of the people keeps their mobile phones close-by while sleeping to react to calls and messages. They feel pressured to stay reachable nonstop which prompts sleep disruption and interruption. People can likewise become touchy when they are restless.

The danger of developing a brain tumor

It is demonstrated by the research that when we hold the telephone for a longer time, electromagnetic radiation transmitted by cell phones get ingested in the tissues. The sensory systems of adolescents are as yet creating and have more danger of creating mind malignant growth from mobile phones than grown-ups.


Depending too much on messaging as an essential method of correspondence can build uneasiness in people. Messaging is immediately satisfying, yet it likewise delivers uneasiness. The moment answer by the companion can bring elation and joy. But if there should be an occurrence of deferred reaction or no reaction, this equivalent delight transforms into disillusionment and become the reason for anxiety in us.

Eye Diseases

Bright screens and small text can strain cell phone clients’ eyes. Since smartphones, tablets, and computers are intended for perusing at short proximity, clients’ eyes should always reposition and refocus to process the text and graphics on the screen. As indicated by The Vision Council, more than 33% of U.S. grown-ups revealed going through four to six hours every day with digital media and related electronic devices. As computerized use increments, so do potential vision issues, including eye strain. Digital eye strain symptoms incorporate headaches, neck pain, back pain, blurred vision, dry eyes, and eye irritation or redness. A portion of the approaches to avoiding computerized eye strain incorporate cleaning the screen, lessening glare, keeping satisfactory separation among eyes and the screen, diminishing the encompassing lighting that is rivaling the device’s screen and expanding text size. Cell phone users are likewise encouraged to take parts from taking a gander at the screen and pursue the “20-20-20” rules. Take a 20-second break at regular intervals utilizing a cell phone and take a gander at something 20 feet away.

In a nutshell, it is good to be a part of an innovative world, and everybody ought to make the most of its advantages however with some restraint.