A Guide to Switching Hosting Account into Hosting Raja’s Web Hosting?

The idea to switch your website to an established website hosting provider like hosting Raja sounds a scary task, to do this process in the right way you must know what steps to take. One thing is for sure, you must not delete your already existing account until you finish the moving. Even if you are too disappointed with your hosting provider, this is a vital and essential part of the process. You would have to do it until you will be sure that your site is operational with the new provider. 

 There a few steps to follow to remain your website active without any downtime.

 First step

 When you made your choice of signing up with web hosting company like Hosting Raja, choose your package after the account is set up as there are different hosting packages available for unlimited, shared and reseller hosting with Hosting Raja. After choosing your package you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Second step 

 Make backup files from your old hosting provider account. This is a quite simple process to follow, it can take some time, depending on your website size. Make sure to not to cancel the account after you already have taken all the data.

Third Step

The next step is to upload all the database files to a new web hosting account. Again, using an FTP transfer the database into the chosen hosting provider account and keep all the backups via the new hosts FTP.

Fourth step

At the point when you change your domain name server addresses, consistently try to make all the comparative email accounts that you had with your old facilitating organization’s record to the new one, this will prevent any loss of messages.

To check your files and links to work. It is quite a simple task by the way. Go to your site and start checking all of your links on every page. A real and worthy web hosting provider should give you the ability to create a temporary URL address so you can test your new web site. The easiest way to do this is to create a subdomain of another URL address and direct it to your new web site by the way of mirroring.

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Fifth Step

 After you moved the majority of your information and documents and they are being transferred effectively, and you are certain that the majority of the links are working now is the right time to change your DNS. The facilitating supplier must give you their DNS settings. 

To change your DNS address is the place from the outset place you register the domain name. In case you have done it through a registrar, you should log in to their control panel and rename the DNS servers there. If it is registered with your old hosting provider, the way of doing it is the same as with the registrar.

Ultimately, it usually takes about 24 and 28 hours for your domain to work across the Internet. In that period, your website will be served by the previous hosting account, as the DNS propagates your site will be served by your new host. Once the operation is completed the requests to your domain will be served from the new host.

Final step

The last step has come, now you can delete your previous account without any worries. It is advised to wait at least 48 hours until the process starts again.