Improve And Grow Your Newly Launched Website With Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server may be a single computer during a network reserved for serving the requirements of the network. for instance , some networks require that one computer be put aside to manage communications between all the opposite computers.

Dedicated Server: What Are Its Features?

Before choosing a dedicated server and hosting services for your website, here are some of the important features that you need to know

Unique And Dedicated Ip Address

You can have a dedicated as well as a unique IP address for your website when you opt for the dedicated server and it is the best feature of this kind of hosting service. This is good for you because you do not need to maintain different IP addresses and helps to flow the traffic towards your websites.

Full Control Of The Server

You can get full control and complete access to the server when you have dedicated hosting services. You have the freedom to set up the server and the control panel according to your requirements and needs.

Enhanced Security

If you opt for dedicated hosting services for your website, no one will get access to the server, thus giving you the chance to maintain the privacy of your websites and keeping it in a secure environment.

Easy Upgrade And Guarantee Of Bandwidth

A dedicated server gives you an uptime guarantee that is you can add more RAM, bandwidth, and the speed of your processor whenever you require it for running your websites smoothly. In addition to this, dedicated servers also offer the maximum guarantee for uptime that can be used for a specific period or based on the network contract.


Choice Of Hardware And Operating Systems

You can choose any operating systems and hardware for the dedicated server that you are going to use for your website. It may be Windows OS, Linux, RedHat, Ubuntu, and others according to the suitability of your site. For hardware, you can choose the CPU model, speed, cores number, RAM size and type, and capacity and type of the hard disk.

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