Promo Videos, What Are They and How They Can Help Your Business

Promo Videos, What Are They and How They Can Help Your Business

If you wish to share the most information in the shortest time possible, then videos are a perfect choice. The video medium has exploded on the internet in the last five years. Online audiences have proven to be better followers of video content than any other form.

This rise in video demand has also made video creation very convenient. With tools like InVideo, a brand can generate professional-looking content in a matter of a few minutes.

A popular form of video that can provide a significant advantage to a brand is called a Promo video. But what exactly are these? Let’s find out.

What Is a Promo Video?

A promo video or a promotional video expresses the purpose or provides a trailer of a specific marketing initiative, event, product, sale, person, or brand. They often look like the trailer or teaser to a movie.

They intend to draw the attention of an active online viewer. While the video does not aim to sell or promote a product directly, they are tools to instigate anticipation and curiosity in the brand or interact.

The highlight of a promo video is that it does not reveal or emphasize too many details. They are designed to be minimal and only provide essential information and motivate them to further clicks or take actions on the website or page.

Let’s take the classic example of a phone manufacturer to understand this element. Phone manufacturers release teaser videos of their devices a few months ahead of the launch date. These videos do not reveal all the features of a phone but highlight key features and new additions.

This video aims to build anticipation towards the main launch event or the sale of the product. It also generates a buzz on social media and other digital platforms for this upcoming phone.

Where Do We Use Them?

Apart from products and services, these videos can also help a brand or an organization.

A company can boost its brand awareness using small promotional content. These videos highlight exciting information about the brand and draw attention to their mission or vision. It could also highlight one aspect of the company.

This video provides adequate information to new users who are unaware of their function or purpose.

For example, a car dealership uses a promotional video to describe their services and the deal they provide. The videos could also emphasize their uniqueness and help create a better name for the retailer.

Why Make Promo Videos

There are a few reasons why promotional videos are such an advantage for your brand. For starters, they help set you apart from the competition. It gives a close and personal look at your unique selling proposition.

The purpose is also to create an emotional connection with the existing users. Since videos are an appealing medium of communication, they make a more lasting impact on the user. Such a video can enable better customer retention.

An underrated benefit of these promo videos is to connect with the audience in the language they speak. These videos are incredibly helpful when catering to a niche language demographic.

Lastly, videos are just a more impactful way to communicate with users. As opposed to endless lines of text, a video can concisely indicate the message of your brand. What may take multiple infographics and blogs to explain can consolidate into a simple promo video.

Making this video is no longer a task, thanks to a promo video maker. These are tools that contain built-in templates and generate the video in a few clicks.

We would be remiss to ignore the SEO value from these promo videos. Statistics indicate that merely embedding a video on any page can help improve its rank on search engines. This addition enables not just the individual pages but also the whole website.

What Makes a Perfect Promo Video?

We can break down the recipe for a perfect promo video by these four significant parameters.


It is apparent from the nature of this video that they must remain short and concise. Keeping this video under a minute is perfect. Elaborate videos are counterproductive to the purpose of these pieces of content.

Goal Specific

Do not try to stuff large volumes of information into a single promo video. Ensure these videos are specific to one goal only. Too much information on a promo video makes them look like listicles and fail to drive the point home.

For example, if your promo video introduces a team member in your establishment, do not include the nature of work in this video. Creating two separate videos for both those entities would help define the purpose of each video.

Social Media Complaint

If you aim to publish these videos on social media, you must pay close attention to each platform’s guidelines. Each social media platform requires videos in a different size, resolution, dimension, and duration.

Instagram, for example, requires the feed video to be in a 1:1 or 4:5 ratio. The same video on YouTube would need a 16:9 resolution. The duration of Instagram feed videos is only a minute, but Youtube has no such restrictions.

Keep these size and run-time guidelines in mind when scripting the video for a better end-product.


Lastly,  the videos must be fast-paced and provide us the right information in as little time as possible. The use of tools like text animations. Infographics, sound effects, etc., can help achieve speed.

Another way to make your videos fast-paced is by scripting them well and eliminating unwanted details in this version.

Final thoughts,

Promo videos can do wonders for your video in more than one way. One single video can solve so many purposes like marking, sales, brand awareness, and much more. Ensure you publish these videos across as many channels to gain the maximum benefits from them.

Since these are easy to make, keep them updated, and create new content whenever possible. These small clips can bring in a volume of traffic to your business and must never be ignored.