Igaming Companies and Malta: Why Are So Many International Online Gaming Companies Based On the Island of Malta?

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Malta is known as one of the largest igaming hubs globally, something that has influenced the renowned names in the industry to set up on the island and make Malta their gaming homes. However, that doesn’t just happen because Malta is lucky; it is the favorable regulatory measures they have in place that attracts the igaming industry’s biggest operators. The successive Maltese administrations have, over the years, molded a combination of legal, financial, cultural, and technological strategies that tip the odds in favor of igaming businesses wishing to set up on the island.

According to Christian Ellul, an enthusiast in the igaming industry, one of the main advantages that has helped Malta enjoy the extraordinary expansion of igaming platforms within its shores is that it has positioned itself well with the European Union. It is one of the most attractive financial hubs in the European Union, offering igaming operators favorable operation terms.

International gaming platforms are like any other private business and want to run a cost-effective business. They aim to increase their profits at the end of the day, which is why they are inclined to choosing a less expensive solution as much as possible. Again, international igaming operators do not want to compromise their security or make agreements that would damage their reputation; therefore, they look for the most friendly environment to run their businesses. Malta has continuously grown to be the best place to base an Igaming business across the whole of Europe and probably the whole world.

The Malta Gaming Regulatory Factor

The online gaming industry is a highly competitive one. Gaming platforms such as online casinos are only as good as their reputation. One thing that attracts online gamblers is a good reputation that comes from proper licensing, which projects an image of credibility and trust and makes players feel safe when gambling. Many players focus on finding a gaming platform licensed by recognized authorities, and the Malta Gaming Authority provides just that. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) compels casino operators based in Malta to abide by their high-security standards. Having the seal of approval from MGA means that players can trust the gaming platform.

MGA doesn’t compromise on security regulations and has established high standards that everyone in the industry must meet. Malta was the first in the European Union to regulate igaming. Applying for a gaming license in Malta is straightforward for casinos willing to abide by its rules.

Favorable Taxes

Taxes are a major concern for online gaming platforms. For instance, if an online casino ends up paying too much taxes, their overall profitability decreases, and they may not run the business. The online gaming industry encounters hefty tax charges across the European Union, but Malta Island keeps igaming taxes reasonable.  The gambling legislation in Malta doesn’t often change so, the gaming taxes are predictable, and they are favorable. Plus, the country gives casinos tax incentives to establish in the country. Online gaming taxes are friendly in Malta.

The Bottom Line

Malta authorities have long identified the advantages of creating a friendly environment for online gaming platforms. The government has also adjusted its education system to meet the growing demand for operators struggling to find igaming specialists. This is strengthened by the availability of a straightforward regulatory framework and favorable taxes.