Reseller Hosting: An Emerging Work-from-Home Business Model

Reseller Hosting: An Emerging Work-from-Home Business Model

In the last few months, the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have put the brakes on the economy and life as we knew it. Most businesses suffered heavy losses since markets were closed and people stayed indoors. Also, with thousands of people losing their jobs, there was a sudden increase in people either trying to up-skill by learning something new or turn solopreneurs.

With ‘Work From Home (WFH)’ being the theme of the times, business models based on skill or need started garnering attention too. Today, we are going to talk about an emerging WFH business model that has been attracting people during the lockdown – Reseller Hosting.

While most businesses suffered a loss, the web hosting industry managed to survive the storm since most companies moved online and created a sudden demand for hosting services. Also, while the world is getting used to life with COVID-19, it would be safe to say that most people will prefer online services until a vaccine helps restore life to normalcy. Considering this surge in demand, starting a Hosting Reseller business has become an emerging WFH model.

Reseller Hosting – an emerging WFH business model

Reseller Hosting is a business model where you purchase hosting resources from a hosting company, create smaller hosting packages, and sell them to your clients. Most companies offer white label support that allows you to create a brand without revealing the name of the parent company to your clients. It also allows you to focus on a target market and build packages customized to businesses from the segment.

To start a Reseller Hosting business, you need to:

  1. Buy a Reseller Hosting plan from a web host
  2. Create a website to present your services to the world
  3. Promote and market your brand
  4. Create customized hosting packages
  5. Sell the packages and offer support to your clients

In the current scenario, with people looking to start a business from home, Reseller Hosting provides an excellent opportunity since they can set up and run a web hosting business without leaving their homes. The best part is, you don’t need technical expertise or invest in the infrastructure required to run a web hosting company.

The ownership and the responsibility of maintaining the infrastructure lie with the parent web hosting company. As a result, you can simply buy the Reseller Hosting plan and get started with your web hosting business. Also, in the initial stages, you can rely on the customer service offered by the parent company for resolving grievances of your end consumers. Additionally, the best Reseller Hosting plans come pre-equipped with cPanel-WHM (Web Host Manager) and WHMCS (Web Host Management Complete Solution) for seamless management of everything from customers to billing automation.

Around the globe, the last few years have been good for Hosting Resellers with an increasing number of businesses and individuals finding ways to get their products, services and message online. Also, with thousands of websites trying to catch the attention of online users, the demand for quality hosting services has been increasing too. With a Reseller Hosting business, you can define the market that you want to target and create packages that help them optimize site performance and make an impact.

Summing Up

Reseller Hosting has always been a lucrative business option due to the low cost of entry and ease of getting started. With the lockdown, it offers an excellent opportunity to individuals and businesses to establish a constant source of income by providing web hosting services to people who are looking at establishing an online business. Before you rush into it, read up about various aspects that you should know before launching a Reseller Hosting business and start on the right note. Good Luck!