Aptoide can be introduced as an open-source software written in Java. Besides, Aptoide is an application that uses to install Mobile applications that run on the Android Operating System. Lately, it seems that there have been some issues for Android devices with the Google Play Store. So, we hope that an alternative App Store will be needed to fulfill this missing if the problem goes further. Thus, Aptoide is merely a similar application to AC Market. It will be the best alternative Play Store that can be used to download mobile applications.

Aptoide is a free application with a wide range of mobile applications. This can be called a store of different kinds of apps.

Features of Aptoide

Aptoide is a reliable application for all Android users. There are over a thousand apps available in this store, and it can be called the third biggest Marketplace for Android users. You will be navigated from some slides to teach how to use its unique features when you download the application at first. Aptoide does not require signing up or logging in, and you are free to use the app and experience its unique features. Aptoide gets a similar interface to the Google Play Store. So you will be able to navigate easily and will be comfortable with the application.

Aptoide provides you with the freedom to scroll, view, and download applications according to your preferences. There will be featured apps such as banners, sponsored apps, and also apps with different categories. You will also be able to read the reviews written by the app Developer and the app Publishers.

Aptoide offers you a search bar to browse the applications you want but cannot find in the app store. You will be comfortable browsing the app in the search bar rather than wasting your time scrolling down. You can search the app title, publisher, the year of publishing, or the category. Thus you can easily find an application using Aptoide. Installing apps and game may require more storage space. You can cleanup your storage using Clean Master for free. Get more storage space by removing unused apps, games, junk files and more.

Clicking the App Icon provides you with every piece of information you need to know about the app. It can be the released date, the latest update, new stuff, features, or anything. You will be able to know all about the app within a single tap.

There will be a little green check with the word ‘trusted’ if it is an app that has been tested and approved by the management. If you cannot see a green check, that means the app you are going to install contains Malware, and you will be at risk if you download the application. So make sure to download the apps with a ‘trusted’ stamp.

Aptoide is more similar to the Google Play Store, so users will not be bothered to feel uncomfortable with its interface. Instead of bothering, Aptoide will be helpful to navigate.


Aptoide can be installed through its official website. Aptoide can be called a way more helpful App Store that will be needed in the near future. So, if you are an Android user and suffer from this app store problem, Aptoide is the best alternative application that will help you out. For Android TV you can try Aptoide TV. Which is the Android TV version of the Aptoide app. There are other alternatives like Filelinked too.