Suggestions for New Swtor Players

Suggestions for New Swtor Players

Today, there are many SWTOR players that are looking for good suggestions for new players. Since this is the first expansion there have been a lot of changes to the game. A lot of the content is new and some areas of the game were changed or improved in some way. This article will cover two suggestions for new players in Swtor credits guide that will be beneficial to your success in the game.

The first suggestion is to change your race from Human to a new race, which would be the next available race for your character in the game (if you chose to keep your current race). You will have all the same bonuses as you would have if you had chosen the other race, just with a different bonus. Humans get a 15% bonus to all skills, while the other races get a 10% bonus on two skills. Other bonuses include items, weapons, etc. Human characters start at level 10 and can choose another race as soon as they reach level 20.

The second suggestion is to change your class. There are three viable classes for new players, which I will list below. They are the Warrior, the Rogue, and the Mage. Each class has different roles and abilities that are beneficial to specific situations.

If you want to be an offensive player then the Warrior is the best choice. They have a lot of abilities that are beneficial to their team. Some of these abilities include powerful swings, staves, and shields. When playing the Warrior, you must also take advantage of their ability to regenerate. Whenever a member of your team is low on health, the Warrior can easily restore it by using their abilities.

The second option is the Rogue. They have a variety of abilities that allow them to deal out damage very quickly. Some of these abilities allow them to stun enemies or do extra damage based on range. Some moves can also slow an enemy down. Playing the Rogue effectively requires practice. You should watch the videos that offer tips and strategies and practice how to make use of each ability.

Last but not least, you should make sure to play the Mage as often as possible. They have many useful abilities such as shields and heals that can be very helpful in combat. If you follow my tips for Newswtor players you will find that the game at is easier to play and you will enjoy it more.