How much Time Duration it will take to Become a Certified PMP?

How much Time Duration it will take to Become a Certified PMP?

The PMP certification Boston may include a lot of efforts on the behalf of people both financially as well as personally. Hence, it is very much imperative to estimate whether the budget and study will always allow the people to take the PMP on next professional achievement or not. The PMP certification examination is considered to be a hard one and requires a lot of preparation on the behalf of people. Hence, the people need to pay proper attention to the efforts and study input so that the actual length of study can be determined and they can clear the examination very well. On average it takes approximately 2-3 months of the study for the people to clear this particular examination. On average the people also need to spend around 180 hours of studies for successfully perceiving the PMP certification.

It is also important for the people to understand that amount of time to be required for preparation will always depend upon the capability and style of study of the individual aspirant who is preparing for the examination. All the above-mentioned figures are very basic just for reference only. People also need to consider that thorough examination preparation should be taken into consideration so that one can arrive at a highly accurate estimate.

Passing the PMP certification and clearing the examination is not the end of the whole journey because this particular certification is only valid for three years from the date of passing the examination. Different kinds of costs have to be taken into account as well. Further, the people need to obtain approximately at least 60 PDU within the three-year recertification cycle and people also need to spare at least 60 hours of the time after every three years to collect, record and report the PDU which they have gained in the whole process. Some amount of money is also required in some of the cases of PDU and some of the PDU are free of cost. Hence, this particular input has to be taken into consideration by the people so that they can clear the certification very easily. Following are some of the financial costs associated with the PMP certification:

  • Whenever the individuals want to become the PMI member then a fee of US$139 has to be paid by the people.
  • The examination fees of PMP certification is 405US dollars.
  • The 35 hours of project management education has also to be taken into consideration by the people so that they will be able to prepare and pass the examination efficiently.
  • People also have to indulge in PMP exam simulator and its cost will always depend upon the understanding level of the people.
  • The PMP exam prep study guide has also to be taken into consideration and it will cost hundred US dollars which will also include the textbook for revision. Hence by adding all these kinds of amounts tentatively the individuals will be cost near about US$1000.

Hence, all the financial, as well as other aspects associated with the PMP online certification, have been mentioned above.