Top Upcoming Technologies That Are Set To Disrupt The Market

Top Upcoming Technologies That Are Set To Disrupt The Market

The economy, be it national or global, is nothing short of a mini-universe. One business sinks while one swims in the market — it’s just how it works. Markets have their highs and lows all the time.

The ever-advancing technology is something that can disrupt the market in a second. If we talk about 2021 itself, we have several upcoming technologies set to disrupt the market. They are all listed below.

Voice Searches

Ever since the voice searches were launched, we saw a rise in the number of people looking things up on Google. Even three-year-olds can look up their favorite YouTube channel just by saying its name on the mic of the phone. That’s how accessible it has become to land on your desired page on the Internet.

It doesn’t matter if you are driving or jogging; the answer to your questions is just one voice search away. This voice search technology has made a deep impact on digital media marketers as SEO has changed vastly. Voice search makes the marketers emphasize long-tail keywords and not just the short ones.

VR, AR, and XR

If you couldn’t tell yet, AR stands for Augmented Reality, and VR is short for Virtual Reality while XR is short for Extended Reality. You might have heard of virtual reality before but augmented reality and extended reality are fairly new terms. In virtual reality, the user experiences an environment that has been generated by the computer.

However, in virtual reality, the user is expected to wear particular glasses or headsets that project images projected by the computer in their field of vision. Extended reality is created where virtual reality and augmented reality meet. All three of these can largely help the education and the healthcare sector. It would be fair to say that XR, VR, and AR are here to revolutionize the way we learn.


Until yesterday, the fifth generation felt like a dream, a distant one. The scenario had entirely changed today, though. 5G is here, and it has enhanced mobile connectivity multifold while significantly increasing our internet speed. It goes without saying that video streaming has become faster and clearer with the help of 5G. Mobile networking has been given new meaning because of this, and we are all feeling closer somehow, provided the frequent high-quality video calls. This has also allowed platforms like Lottoland Asia to make it viable for people to indulge in entertainment channels without even having to move a muscle.

Artificial Intelligence

Let’s be honest here. Artificial Intelligence has been around for quite a while now, but we haven’t been able to experience it in its full bloom. This is because there is no limit to the possibilities with AI. It can easily shape itself into a multi-trillion-dollar trade. To put it precisely, artificial intelligence is a boom for all industries, but it would particularly benefit the customer service industry. Even though it is still in its developmental stages, there are still high hopes for it.

Cyber Security Advancements

With everyone using the Internet and social media platforms nowadays, the rate of cybercrimes has risen significantly. This can’t be good to anyone in any way except for cybercriminals. However, it is not in our best interest to let the evil win. It is for this reason that cybersecurity has been tightened.

It should be self-explanatory how this technology will be good for us. Social media users will be on the upper hand once this technology is implemented in full force. Only cybercriminals should be scared about the news.

Work From Home

It is much needless to say that work from home has recently come out to be the most shocking tech trend. It is pretty surprising because there are AI and 5G in the race too. However, if you look at it, work from home has been made possible because of a push from all the corners of the technology. Be it machine learning or edge computing, work from home has a little bit of everything.

Almost everyone is on the receiving end of this work-from-home situation. This is because it has become the new normal and the companies are saving their costs while the employees are comfortable working from home.

As much as we would like to mention all the amazing wonders of science that are sure to disrupt the market, we can’t ever get to the bottom of the list. Technology is set to be on the rise, and there are no hindrances now that we have come so far. The best trick to stay up-to-date is by reading news from several sources. Never stick to one newspaper or one news channel if you are looking for unbiased news.