Best SMS Marketing Platforms

Best SMS Marketing Platforms

As an evolution of fax and email marketing, SMS has become increasingly sought after because of the increase in the number of people checking their phones daily. Because just about all consumers own a cell phone, SMS marketing platforms allows companies to reach their customers at the touch of a button.

VOXOX’s SMS marketing service offers exactly what its name implies – simple, intuitive, and accessible text messaging features.

The effectiveness of SMS marketing speaks for itself, as it’s known to increase foot traffic to businesses while increasing overall sales and customer base. Don’t believe us? Check out these mouth-watering statistics to see the full potential of SMS marketing.

The instant communication that SMS facilitates creates stronger connections between customers and the business. Not only can consumers stay in touch with their favorite brands, but they’ll also be immediately notified of pertinent updates.

It can even be a useful tool to complement other marketing strategies, as SMS marketing initiatives are known to improve the effectiveness of email marketing strategies when conducted together while staying compliant with SMS marketing regulations. This is a great way to maximize ROI for businesses focused on multi-channel marketing.

If your business wants to get your latest marketing information out to thousands of people at once, that’s essentially what SMS marketing is all about. Finding the software or service that lets you do this is key.

At the same time, texting is all about conversations. Programs that allow businesses to communicate with their customers once a text has been sent out is important for facilitating proper relationships.

Businesses can send text messages to a list of contacts. They can add pictures and other promotional material to each one, and even track who clicked on each link. It allows users to facilitate two-way conversations without a hitch, using new numbers or leveraging a previously generated one.