What Can Mugshot Removal Services Do for You

What Can Mugshot Removal Services Do for You

A lot of people have a record. In fact, the Wall Street Journal once posted that 1 in 3 American adults had a record. Most of these cases are for misdemeanors and driving-related incidents, such as speeding, that won’t result in an arrest. But that’s still not to say that a significant number of people are arrested every year, often on charges that will be ultimately dismissed. Or charges for which they are proven innocent of. In any case, if you are an American with an arrest record, you may be interested in knowing that you can remove arrest records.

Why would you want to hire out for arrest record removal? Because where before these types of records were mostly a private affair, something only a few knew, they now are largely available to the public. This can have serious repercussions for you if you’re trying to find a new job, a new home, or have otherwise attracted attention. The good news is that a mugshot removal service can help!

What Mugshot Removal Services Can Do for You

  • Remove arrest records. A professional mugshot removal service is equipped with the tools and strategies to get publicly available arrest records gone.
  • Remove and deindex mugshots. Mugshots or booking photographs have increasingly become a booming internet business. What happens here is that unscrupulous individuals and businesses use law loopholes to request the records of anyone and everyone recently arrested. They then take these mugshots and make them available online. Usually, they will index the photos along with your name, location, charges, and other identifying information. Thus, when someone searches your name or any combination of identifying information via Google, they will hit on the mugshot website. A mugshot removal service is equipped to get those mugshots removal. In fact, as the name suggests, this is their primary job. Where mugshots cannot be fully removed, the company will work to deindex. Deindexing makes these photographs essentially gone from the internet as it makes it nearly impossible to find them via a basic online search.
  • Reputation monitoring. Sometimes it is best to be proactive and not reactive. Reputation monitoring is a long-term service that mugshot removal services will commonly provide. Generally, this is something that businesses or individuals that were ‘canceled’ or otherwise had negative stories on them will want. With reputation monitoring, the company will do constant searches for negative information about the client. They will then work to remove and deindex that information.

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Remember, while removing mugshots is certainly our primary work, it isn’t our only work. We are proud to provide an array of services all designed to protect our clients’ reputations so that they can meet their work and life goals. We believe in individuals’ right to privacy. For more information on what we do, such as the mugshot removal prices we help our clients avoid, and other service prices, give our team a call today.