Ten Nextiva Alternatives to Consider in 2021

Ten Nextiva Alternatives to Consider in 2021

Nextiva is one of the most advanced VoIP solutions available, with artificial intelligence features and automation galore. However, Nextiva’s not the only VoIP service around. Here are ten of our favorite Nextiva alternatives, which we go into more detail in our long-form comparison.

Our Top Ten Nextiva Alternatives in Two Minutes


If you squint your eyes just right, you might actually get confused between RingCentral and Nextiva. With similar prices and a rather comparable feature set, these two companies are constantly going toe to toe. Nextiva shines with its features, but RingCentral does edge it out on price and international calling.


Dialpad can keep up and even surpass Nextiva when it comes to cool features. This platform was made by the same geniuses that developed Google Voice. When Google decided to stop funding their project, they went ahead and formed Dialpad together, and have poured their creativity into it ever since. The price is even better than you’d imagine.

8×8 Express

Nobody beats 8×8 Express when it comes to value. If you’re looking for lots of features but balk at Nextiva’s higher prices and 3-year contracts, check out 8×8 Express. At $12 per month per line, you’ll have a hard time finding a better option.


Nextiva might be a great solution for medium to large enterprises, but what about the little guy? Sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles, you just need a simple, efficient solution. That’s what Grasshopper provides for small businesses. They specifically target startups and solopreneurs with features that make life easier and help your business to grow.


Aircall’s not the cheapest option by any means, but they do have lots of integrations available to use their calling service with other platforms. For example, if you use Canvas as an LMS, you can integrate Aircall easily and have students create video conferences or write their supervisors directly to their phone. They’re always adding new integrations, so check them out if you use lots of software and need one tool to bring it all together.

Vonage Business

Vonage is a reliable option. With well over 20 years of experience in VoIP, you can trust Vonage to deliver. They’ve improved their offerings for business customers by including other features like video conferencing and automation tools, making them a very useful Nextiva alternative

Ooma Office

Like Vonage, Ooma Office aims to give your office phones a VoIP boost at a great price. They’ve got best-in-class customer service, so you know if anything goes wrong they’ve got your back.


LogMeIn’s VoIP program GoToConnect has plenty of features and comes from a reputable company. They have several other apps that you can get at a discount if you sign up for another one.


Zoom’s video conferencing is well known, and it might be all you need. There’s also the $25 per month package that includes a virtual phone system as well.

Google Voice

While Google’s free VoIP solution isn’t much of a competitor to Nextiva, if all you need is something simple to make calls, this is your best bet.