How Television Has Impacted Our Lives

How Television Has Impacted Our Lives

Television has become a part of our lives. In this fast paced world it is difficult to keep up with news regarding sports, entertainment, and business. We often wish we could have time to look through these during our free time. While excessive television can be bad for the health, a moderate amount of TV can help you keep updated with what is going around in the world.

If you want the best entertainment make sure to subscribe to Top TV Packages If you are skeptical about spending money on a good entertainment package, here are some ways television has impacted our lives:


TV is not only about entertainment, but you can learn about various things as well. Television keeps us updated with news and also introduces us to different cultures of the world. Awareness regarding what is going on around the world is extremely important as it allows us understand different cultures, languages and people. We can identify different socio economic and political structures and see how different they are from ours. There are various documentaries about nature that show how the flora and fauna are distributed around the world.


Television allows us to keep up with the political scenario.  As compared to the past, we are more aware of the politics going on around the world. We know more about the new laws, elections or any political turmoil happening in other parts of the world. Consequently, we can keep up with our loved ones living in a different country or planning a vacation to our favorite destination because political stability is a good measure of the crime rate in a place, so you can decide if the place you are travelling to is safe or not.

Another interesting aspect of TV is that it allows political parties to buy TV time to present their ideas to their audience.


Sports is now not limited to grounds only with the advent of TV. Matches are aired live so we can enjoy them with the comfort of our home regardless of wherever in the world they are taking place. It has also helped players to get the spotlight and give them recognition they deserve for their hard work. Interviews and award shows can now reach to a wider audience with television. A classic example is that of Super Bowl that attracts millions of fans each year and advertisers spend millions of bucks just to air a 30-second commercial during the match.


Learning a language is fun for many people. It is also exciting to learn many different kind of languages. It also instils the love for traveling and exploring other cultures and places of the world. It helps us to make new connections, and learn other people’s stories. However, it may be difficult for people to take classes and take out time to learn a new language. In that case, television is a good opportunity to learn from. It helps us learn during our leisure time while offering us entertainment. This ensures that we use our leisure time productively.

Critical Thinking

With television, we are exposed to different opinions and perspectives from people all around the world, which helps us shape our own. While sometimes too much information can cause confusion in forming your own opinions, most often it helps us to create an opinion regarding different subjects. It allows us to learn, analyze and organize our thoughts and get more exposure.


Inspiration is extremely important to help us reach our goals and with television, the entire world is at your disposal. So, you can get inspiration from anywhere. The world is dynamic and it is changing constantly. We need to make constant innovations to step ahead in an industry or job market. Television allows us to understand the various options available and it inspires us to explore our interests and broaden our horizons.

For someone who wants to go into sports would find interviews and documentaries of their favorite players an inspiration. For aspiring chefs, it may be a delight to watch MasterChef. For healthcare professional, the news may be a good source awareness regarding the global pandemic.

Family Bonds

The world has become extremely fast paced. We often do not have time for family among work commitments and other pressures. We do not have time to sit and have fun with our children, learn how they are doing with school, their likes and dislikes and other activities that they may have chosen at school. Television can be good at strengthening family ties and spending quality time with children. You may want to allocate time of your favorite family show as family time. You may also have dinner at the same time or plan to watch a movie with popcorns.

Final Thoughts

While television has a lot of benefits and it has helped us to progress in our personal and professional lives, excessive television may be dangerous to our physical and mental health. It may lead to a sedentary lifestyle and increase the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. It may also cause slower thinking and inability to make decisions. Addiction to anything is never healthy. It may look appealing in the short term but may have detrimental consequences in the long term.