Try These Tips When Your Laptop Is Not Starting Up

Try These Tips When Your Laptop Is Not Starting Up

Laptops have become our fourth additional necessity to four basic three needs of food, shelter, and clothing. Therefore, we must have efficiently working laptops to avoid any delay in work or other purposes. Many technical glitches keep arising our way, one of the most common is when our device does not start. If the laptop does not start at all or it starts but does not boot efficiently, then you don’t need to worry or ask for professional assistance. You can conveniently fix the issue at home without wasting your time and money in a repair center. However, it is advised to let the professionals handle it if the problem persists. Here are some Laptop Repair Agency Toronto troubleshooting tips for you.

Solution 1

Do check the Ac adapter, you can test the output voltage with a voltmeter. There are chances that issues are might be in the functioning of the AC adapter. Try to plug into a quality AC adapter, if that is working properly and supplying good voltage, the most likely issue is related to the motherboard. Then you have to replace the motherboard. Also, if it requires to replacement of the AC adapter, make sure you are utilizing the correct one with output voltage be exactly similar to the original adapter.

Solution 2

If the LED lights are visible, then the AC adapter is functioning properly. There are high chances that there is nothing wrong with the adapter, but it is better to check the functioning of the adapter with a voltmeter to ensure that output voltage is optimum. The other simple solution is to unplug the AC adapter, remove the battery and wait for a few minutes, after that plug the AC adapter and try to restart again. This trick helps most of the time. Issues can be associated with memory problems as well, if this is the case, it is a good idea to remove the memory module from the slot on the motherboard and reinstall it back. If you have two memory slots, it is recommended to remove them one by one. If any of them is not working, then you need to replace the motherboard or utilize one memory slot.

Solution 3

When you start the laptop and hear that faulty and annoying voice that is because of an inappropriate hard drive. You can take out the hard drive and start the laptop without it. If the noise is not there, the issue is related to the hard drive only. It is better to replace the hard drive if the device keeps making a grinding noise and if you have the video on the screen you can run a hard drive test utility.

Solution 4

When the laptop boots into windows and functions for a while, but later it shuts down by itself without any significant reason or warning. And if the problem does not go away even if you start the laptop again. In such cases, the issue is most likely related to heat. It is recommended to make sure that the cooling fan is working properly. There are chances that the problem must be associated with the memory module only, in such a scenario you can again apply the solution of checking the memory module.

Laptop Repair Agency Toronto provides simple techniques to identify the issues when the laptop is not starting or when not booting properly with simple solutions. It is vital to check with professionals if the issues persist, and if you do not want to risk doing a DIY job or following tutorials.