How To Take Penis Envy Mushrooms

How To Take Penis Envy Mushrooms

The Penis Envy mushroom is a powerful fungus. Because of the intensity of the experience, it may be unsuitable for new users. It’s not the best to start with, but it’s something to work up to overtime. Penis Envy Mushroom can be consumed in a variety of ways. The majority of users have a unique way to enjoy it. It all comes down to your taste preferences and the kind of experience you want.

1. Chew and Swallow

Quite possibly the most mainstream approach to devouring Penis Envy is by biting it completely, permitting every one of the juices to come out, and gulping it. At the point when Penis Envy is burned-through thusly, it normally requires roughly 45 minutes for its belongings to kick in, nonetheless, it is profoundly reliant upon your stomach content the less you eat previously, the better!

2. Psilocybin Edibles

Burning-through Penis Envy sorcery mushrooms as psilocybin edibles and joining them into food is an incredible method to take out the ‘horrendous’ taste and sensation of squeamishness that numerous enchantment mushroom clients experience when biting it. To forestall a substandard stumbling or hallucinogenic experience, it is significant not to add the enchantment mushrooms during any of the cooking stages. All things being equal, you should take a stab at adding them to fixings and sauces after all the cooking stages have been finished for the best outcome and hallucinogenic experience and journey.

3. Enjoy It As A Cup Of Tea

Getting a charge out of Penis Envy as some tea is another incredible method to devour this intense and amazing hallucinogenic. Drinking sorcery mushroom tea rather than eating dried mushrooms entirely, has quickly gotten a go-to technique for utilization and comes strongly suggested. On the off chance that you’ve at any point eaten psilocybin mushrooms, you realize that the taste isn’t too wonderful. Truth be told, for certain individuals, it’s difficult to try and swallow psilocybin mushrooms on the grounds that their gag reflex kicks in naturally. For some, psilocybin mushroom tea is undeniably more lovely to burn-through contrasted with biting dried mushrooms and is likewise known to be a lot simpler on the stomach.

Here Are The Basic Steps To Prepare Your Penis Envy Mushroom Tea

Start by hacking or smashing the Penis Envy enchantment mushrooms

  • When they are appropriately hacked/squashed, place them in the tea kettle
  • Once your water is finished bubbling, pour it over the mushrooms in the tea kettle
  • Let it sit for around 10 – 15 minutes, just blending it infrequently
  • Finally it’s a chance to strain, serve, redo, and partake in your Penis Envy enchantment mushroom tea.

Magic Mushroom Capsules

One of the primary advantages of taking Penis Envy sorcery mushrooms in container structure is the way that it gives you the alternative to microdose. This thus offers you the chance to leave on a staggering and vivid hallucinogenic excursion and experience extreme clearness, all without losing a whole day.

Lemon Tek To Strengthen The Outing

CBDtolerance realizes that  specific spices can improve your hallucinogenic outing. These “homegrown partners” can be utilized to incite elation, quiet your nerves, or essentially supplement your excursion, eventually bringing about a more significant hallucinogenic experience. One of these outings improving spices is Lemon Tek! Not exclusively is Lemon Tek fast and simple to take, those that have utilized it before guarantee that the acidic idea of the lemon separates the psilocybin, which further escalates your hallucinogenic experience.

When utilizing Lemon Tek to improve and heighten your hallucinogenic excursion, selfeed experts suggest that you start with a large portion of the measure of shrooms you would ordinarily utilize.

Here Is A Straightforward Strategy You Can Follow:

  • Ground Penis Envy enchantment mushrooms with lemon juice in a shot glass
  • Leave it to sit
  • Add water
  • Down everything in one go!

If you’re not a regular user, this strategy can be intimidating, so start small. Use half the amount of penis envy you usually would and gradually increase from there if it isn’t strong enough for you.


It’s simple to see why the Penis Envy mushroom is a favorite among mushroom enthusiasts worldwide. Many people are drawn to buy from Fungus head because of its high quality and consistent euphoric high.

Penis Envy’s potency makes it more appropriate for seasoned users than those new to mushrooms, with users experiencing far stronger effects at a smaller dosage. The goal is to begin slowly and gradually work your way up to your desired level.