Supreme Multiple Features Huawei Band 4 Available In Market

Supreme Multiple Features Huawei Band 4 Available In Market

Launching of New Tech Gadget

Huawei launched a new gadget that will make life easier for its customers. Huawei Band 4 was launched on 22 October. The huawei band 4 sakura pink is a fitness device that costs less than other brands and has many unique features. Many people are still unsure if they should buy the band.

Huawei Band 4It has all the features we look for in a watch or a fitness band. We have the following review after using the band for one month. The plastic band comes in three colors, Graphite Black (sakura pink), and Amber sunrise (2.5 TFT) You will look more elegant with the watch’s square design. The band is versatile and can be worn in any fashion, giving you a unique personality. The band not only looks better, but it is also easy to wear.

Band Creative Face Feature

You can choose the face of the band with the band’s creative face feature. Simply, you can go to the Huawei app store and install any face of your choice. The band offers 5 levels of light alteration, allowing the user to select according to their comfort. Its fitness tracking feature is the best part of this band. The watch provides statistics about your heart rate, and will alarm you if you exceed it. The watch also tracks your sleep, distinguishing between different levels. It tracks your daily movements and helps you to keep track of them. There are 9 workout options, ranging from running outdoors to indoor exercise. The band can be set to target distance, time, and calories, and the band will vibrate when it reaches its goal.

Charging cable and Battery Backup

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The huawei band 4 sakura pink comes without a charging cable, even though the fitness band includes long charging cables. The USB insertable port allows users to connect the device to any USB port or powerbank. The band’s USB insertable port has made it easy to connect the device to any USB port or power bank without worrying about the cable getting disconnected. The battery backup of 91 mAh can last for approximately 5 to 7 days depending on what feature was selected. The band can be used while we take a bath or swim, as it is water-resistant to 5 Atm (pressure 5 bars) or 50m.

Connecting Using Remote Control

To track multiple things, you can easily connect your phone to the band. If your phone is lost or stolen, the band’s find my phone function can help you locate it. After connecting your smartphone to the band, you can use it as a remote control for clicking pictures. This made it easier to take pictures. You can also receive notifications of phone calls and messages, so you can monitor all your phone’s activities from the band. Hence, huawei band 4 sakura pink is a very comfortable band and costs just Rs. The price of the Huawei Band 4 is very affordable compared to other fitness bands with such features. The band is easy to use and manage even for new users. The band is the perfect choice for active people.