What Huawei Freebuds Pro has itself Read this Article

What Huawei Freebuds Pro has itself Read this Article

It used to feel that smartphone manufacturers considered headphones an afterthought. You can bundle anything that looks like a pair of headphones in your smartphone and keep customers happy. However, expectations and demands have changed. This is why headphones like the Huawei freebuds pro are now available. Smartphone manufacturers are now able to develop high-tech headphones with wireless convenience. There is plenty of competition in Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones. Apple has the AirPods Pro and Samsung has the Galaxy Buds Live. Sony is the WF-1000XM. How does Huawei offer stack up?


Initial impressions are positive. You’ll be greeted with a charging case when you unbox the FreeBuds Pro. Although it’s quite heavy, your wallet should be strong enough to withstand the strain. You’ll find the earbuds inside if you flip it open.

If you have Huawei AI Life on your Android smartphone (not iOS at the moment), you will receive a notification letting you know that the headphones are now ready to pair as soon as you lift the lid. To reset your earbuds, or pair them with another device, press and hold the button at the side of the case. You can free the FreeBuds by pushing a bud with your thumb, and then grasping it with a pincer motion. Although it can be difficult to slide them back into the case, it gets easier with time.

Freebuds Fabricate

The FreeBuds Pros are functional and feel good in hand. However, the glossy surfaces of the FreeBuds Pros feel cheap. Our review sample was finished in Carbon Black. However, there are Ceramic White and Silver Frost options.

To fit your ear, the earbud enclosures have been curved to ensure that the silicone tips and surface of your ears are evenly distributed. For a more comfortable fit, the pressure that normally builds up on your ears is balanced out. This is exactly what you get. The FreeBuds Pro feel light and not intrusive despite the snug-fitting silicone tips. They are the same shape as the earbud ports. You will need to place the silicone ear tips in your ears correctly before you use them. Huawei AI Life app has a tip-fit and wear-detection test. This will help you get going.

Each earbud enclosure has an attached stem that is rectangular in shape. These are not only for stability, but also serve as your main point to contact the FreeBuds Pros. Each stem has a small touch-sensitive button that allows you to control different aspects of their performance.

Quality of Freebuds Sound

So far, so good. Our initial impression of the sound quality from the Huawei in-ears was positive. The FreeBuds Pros produce a vibrant and upbeat sound. They aren’t shy or retiring, and they will take any beat with a good beat.

The Weeknd’s Starboy makes bass notes that are heavy and full-bodied. Although there is nothing that makes the headphones grate, we do get the impression that some high and low frequencies were artificially amplified to improve the overall mood. When compared with a rival such as the Sony WF-1000XM3, however, the Huawei lag behind in a few key areas. They sound a bit sluggish, especially when noise-cancelling is on. The Sony reproduce the static sound effect more clearly and distinguishably at the beginning of The Weeknd’s track.