The Ultimate Guide To WordPress Gallery Plugin

The Ultimate Guide To WordPress Gallery Plugin

WordPress is a platform for open-source website creation; it comes for free. Technically it is a Content Management System (CMC) designed with the help of a Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) by using the database of MYSQL. It is a mind-blowing platform for building websites.

Moreover, WordPress consists of some additional codes that help users add some extraordinary features to their creations. Websites on blogs, E-commerce, business, membership, portfolio, forum, event, e-learning, and wedding are developed with the help of WordPress. You can customize a website through WordPress in numerous ways, where plugins play a significant role. Plugins polish the website before its launch so that the visitor finds it attractive.

WordPress Gallery

WordPress facilitates the developer to set the gallery in the most convenient and effective ways. In addition, mind-blowing layouts are provided by the WordPress gallery for viewing the gallery in a more prominent mode, with different widgets and multiple extensions that take its functionality even further.

WordPress Photo Gallery

WordPress photo gallery is an exceptional choice for photographic websites and blogs, robust image gallery websites with easy navigation. The developer is presented with multiple options such as:

● Thumbnails.
● Slideshows Masonry (Premium version).
● Image Browsers and Compact Album.
● Blog Style (Premium version).
● Mosaic (Premium version).

The developers use these layouts for customization.

WordPressPhoto Gallery Plugin

WordPress gallery plugin has a responsive design for smartphone users. Visual customization is present, which includes colors, texts, filters, animated effects, and image sizing. The gallery layout option is present for implementing Image patterns, which consists of the grids, masonry grids, columns, and circles—automated tools for images like image optimization and CDM. The WordPress Gallery Plugin did not allow any unauthorized use. That is the reason why the Watermarking option is present.

The developer can create multiple galleries and albums through this plugin. So often, unprofessional developers end up thinking that they can use unlimited images, tha t’s not right at all. WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin allows limited prints; the reason behind that is the presence of massive images will give rise to cached files, which will do nothing except slow down the website’s capacity, which is not a good sign for a developer. WordPress photo gallery plugin comes with four widgets which are:

  • WordPress Standard Tag Cloud: Stores all the content-related elements.
  • Dynamic Tags Cloud: Use some specific tags for proper promotion of the websites.
  • Slideshow and Gallery widget presents a preview on how it will look after applying to the content.

Image Watermarking and Right-Click Protection

In photographic websites, many instances happened where the same photo was used on different websites with different names. That’s why the WordPress photo gallery plugin came with a new feature called watermarking and right-click protection. Developers can add text or their company logos as a watermark on the photo they are willing to give in the gallery. Thus, it acts as a protection against any illegal use.

Preloaded Themes

The basic version has a minimal amount of themes and can be customized in some specific areas only. However, developers often find this thing problematic. The Premium version allows more articles, such as

  • Adding more themes with different colors.
  • Another way of presentation.
  • Customizing the layout settings.
  • Image navigation.

Enables Social Sharing

Users with premium versions can share photos on their social media like:

● Posting on Twitter.
● Promoting through Google.
● Tumblr.
● Facebook.
● Creating and promoting a descriptive post through Pinterest.


Add-ons are accessory devices designed to increase the capability of a computer or hi-fi system. For example, in WordPress, several Add-ons are present. Those Add-ons help the developer sell their digital images right away from their website.

Customization of Settings

This customized setting comes with every possible tool for editing. For example, the name of images can be changed, deleted, and copied to different folders through the file manager. In addition, there is an extensive list applicable for:

● Galleries.
● Thumbnails.
● Watermarking.
● Slideshow.

Developers can utilize it according to their requirements.

The plugin features is a robust lightbox that acts as a supportive source to filmstrip and image carousel display, lightbox settings where developers can make a list of things such as:

  • Can off/on ‘AddThis’ display.
  • Image download options are available.
  • Image count.

The social options tab enables Instagram and Facebook galleries settings to specify the Instagram feed auto-update interval (Premium feature).


To keep the visitor long on the website, developers need to make their website more attractive. And this is the reason the developers highly use the WordPress gallery plugins. These plugins are a complete package of every essential ingredient that must be present while building a website. They facilitate developers’ availability of all the elements in one place, making their job easy and speedy. With all these features, WordPress and its plugins can prove to be a great helping hand for techies and can help you make some of the most attractive websites to show them off in your portfolio.