Who Are the Top Employers in Birmingham, AL?

Who Are the Top Employers in Birmingham, AL?

Before you make a move to a new city or state, you want to search for and apply for jobs in the area, so that you know you will be financially secure when you get there. A significant part of job searching is getting familiar with the job market and top employers in the area.

If you are planning a move to Birmingham and just beginning to research the area and begin your job hunt, you will definitely want to get an idea of what the job market is like, what the city’s economy is like, and who the top employers in the area are. To help with your research, these are the top employers in Birmingham, Alabama:

Banking Industry

The banking industry in Birmingham is one of the largest employers in the area, which makes sense, since as of 2014, Birmingham was the 10th largest banking center in the country. Birmingham is home of the headquarters of Regions Financial Corporation, and Regions Bank is one of the largest companies and employers in the area.

Other large banks represented in the Birmingham area are PNC Financial Services and Wells Fargo, among others. There are also many smaller banks with headquarters in the area. Within the banking and financial sector in Birmingham, there are a large variety of job options, including loan officers, financial analysts, financial managers, and more. If you have experience in banking or finance or want to switch your career path to this field, Birmingham would be a great place to search for jobs.

Steel and Construction

Birmingham was once a major center for steel production, and much of the area’s economy relied on the steel industry. While steel production in general is no longer the mammoth industry it once was in many cities, steel production does still play a significant role in Birmingham’s economy, in addition to construction and engineering.

Some of the major employers in the steel industry and the construction and engineering industries include American Cast Iron Pipe Company, McWane, BE&K, and Brasfield & Gorrie. Vulcan Materials Company, which provides sand, gravel, and crushed stone used in construction is one of the largest companies and employers in the area. If you have experience with steel production or construction, Birmingham is the city for you.

Health Care and Biotechnology

In recent decades, the University of Alabama at Birmingham and its nearby hospital have pushed the biotechnology and medical research industries in the area, making these sectors some of the largest employers in the city.

Healthcare companies headquartered in Birmingham include Surgical Care Affiliates, HealthSouth, and Diagnostic Health Corporation. HealthSouth is another of the largest companies in the city.

If you are already looking at Birmingham homes for sale and planning your move to the city, make sure you also look at these top employers in the area as part of your job search. Whether you have experience in the financial industry, construction, healthcare, or another field, there are plenty of opportunities in Birmingham.