The Top 5 Benefits of Having a Virtual Phone Number for Your Online Store

The Top 5 Benefits of Having a Virtual Phone Number for Your Online Store

Today, most purchases are made online. This trend opens up enormous opportunities for small businesses. For example, you can order the goods you need in China and then sell them in the US for a good profit. As you grow and scale, you will most likely need a sales department and a dedicated digital telephone network to communicate with buyers and suppliers. You can order the best numbers here: Below, you will find reasons why you should do it right now!

Benefits You Gain With VNs

Obviously, your personal phone number is completely unsuitable for business purposes. But many aspiring entrepreneurs don’t know what alternative they have. IP telephony is such an alternative. Here are the main benefits of VNs over standard mobile phone calls:

  • Scalability. Your personal number is good for dozens of calls per month but not hundreds. You only need to make a few clicks to connect an additional digital number.
  • Toll-free number. If you offer support both in the chat and by phone, such a number will become a convenient option for customers. They will be able to call you for free, and this will definitely increase conversion and sales.
  • Cost-effectiveness. You save not only on tariffs but also on equipment. Suppose your online store has grown to a large office with dozens of employees. The cloud service will allow you not to buy standard PBXs and not to lay cables.
  • Control. You can monitor the statistics of calls, their duration, and the effectiveness of each operator using special software.
  • Professional support. IP telephony providers are well aware of how to meet the specific and individual requirements of entrepreneurs. Experienced specialists will help you implement cloud numbers and optimize your processes.


The use of virtual numbers is inevitable when opening an online store. You will see noticeable benefits on the first day of using the service. Contact a provider and scale your business, use options that will attract new customers, save money, and earn more. Make the cutting-edge tool your reliable ally!