How Are Smartphones Getting More Functional?

Why Choose Honor 90 as Your Next Phone?

Smartphones become so significant in our daily lives, while many years ago, they are just tools for daily. Did you figure out that many of our daily objects, such as newspapers, have disappeared in the past years? Do you still read the news in the newspaper or on your smartphone? Do you call your friends with telephones or through your smartphones? Or do you even carry a camera when traveling around or just bring your smartphone? In this article, we will discuss how functional smartphones could be, including powerful photographing functions, supporting massive payment methods, and offering essential social media connections.

Powerful Photographing Functions

Regarding taking photos, smartphone become the most popular tool as it is overwhelmingly functional even compared to a digital camera. In case, you are not a professional photographer, your smartphone can help you to take amazing pictures. Don’t worry about the photo quality, as many smartphones can take photos with high resolutions and good color. For instance, honor90 is capable of taking photos with an ultra-clear camera, while these photos are with massive resolutions, and the subject can be clear even after zooming in by 8 times. Moreover, smartphone cameras can support various photography modes, while the user just needs to simply slide his finger to switch to the suitable mode according to different scenarios. Furthermore, one of the best functions regarding photos, is that smartphones have the applications to modify photos. Sometimes, the photos can not be used directly and may need some adjustments, while traditional cameras will never be able to modify photos as we wish compared to using smartphones.

Massive Payment Methods

It is undeniable that smartphones create so much convenience regarding payments in the past years. For example, we were all annoyed to carry a wallet with cash, especially notes and coins together, which was risky. Meanwhile, to take public transport, we must also carry transportation cards, or buy tickets with cash. With the support of smartphones, all these issues can be solved instantly. Firstly, many smartphones have NFC (near field communication) functionality, by which users can top up the balance directly and use the smartphones to take public transportation. In addition, many shops and restaurants support payments by smartphones, what they need to do is just a simple scan on customers’ smartphones. Meanwhile, smartphone users can shop online and pay directly with their smartphones, by which they are able to go shopping at any time or place!

Essential Social Media Connections

Social media plays an important role in every perspective, and the smartphone is one of the best tools among social media users. Now, instead of sitting in front of a television, we can read the news from any corner of the world at any time and anywhere as we have our smartphones with us. In addition, we can post anything we want to share through our smartphones, especially through social media, and talk to our friends and family. For example, we use TikTok, Twitter and Instagram through smartphones and share our lives.


In conclusion, smartphones have been too significant to be replaced by any other things. For example, a smartphone can be a powerful tool for photography, as it can take photos with good quality, and is supportive of modifications. Moreover, after linking the payment system with smartphones, we can just simply carry it to take public transport or go shopping (online or offline). In addition, with such a powerful social media connection functionality, smartphone users can get in touch with others and share useful information.