How Much Phone Storage Do You Need?

HONOR 90 Lite

The question of how much phone storage one needs always comes up when someone is buying a new smartphone. If you are considering to buy HONOR 90 Lite, for example, you are wondering if 256GB is enough for your device. Do you think you need more? Where are you going to use it? These and other questions are going to be answered below. Read more to find out how much phone storage you actually need.

How Much Storage Do You Need for Your Phone? 

Is 256GB more than enough?

If you buy honor 90 lite 5g, you are going to get 256GB of storage. This amount of storage, generally, is more than enough for your daily usage. Emails and basic documents have sizes that are only in kilobytes. Standard photos usually take up 1 to 10MB of your phone’s allotted storage. Short 10-second videos that people use for social media are only 20 to 100MB in size. Having taken all of these into consideration, you can definitely consider the HONOR 90 Lite as your next smartphone because of its big internal storage.

What apps do you usually use?

A point to consider when you are deciding on how much storage your next phone should have is the apps that you are going to use. When you like using social media, and you want to post different photos and videos every day, you have to go with a smartphone that has 256GB or bigger storage. This is because high-quality photos and videos can fill up your storage quickly. You would need to regularly transfer your files to your cloud or to an external storage if you want to continuously use your device.

If you have a smaller storage, you will be forced to stop using your mobile device or start deleting your files. This can be a hassle for some who want to keep their files on their phone. Spending more on cloud or external files can also be a challenge for some who do not want to spend more on tech.

What Can You Do to Limit Your Storage Usage?

You can implement a lot of steps to make sure that you are not using the full capacity of your storage. Even if your existing phone has small storage, you can still lengthen its use.

Make the phone image file to the smallest possible setting

One way to make the files smaller is by keeping the videos and photos saved to the smallest possible size. It will not have the highest quality possible but you will still have recorded photos and videos of your day-to-day life.

Remove apps that you do not need

It can be tempting to save as many apps as possible when your first get your phone. This is good as long as you delete them if you are not using them anymore. To save storage, delete apps that you do not need.

Maximize your social media

You may want to use the option to take videos and photos using your social media app. Instead of saving the images and videos on your phone, they go directly to the app you are using.


The decision lies in the apps that you are going to use as well as how often you want to transfer and delete files in order to accommodate new ones. If you buy HONOR 90 Lite, you are getting more than enough storage at 256GB. You will have storage for your photos, videos, documents, applications, games, books, and other files that you need. You will be regularly transferring your precious files from one folder to another. And you can leisurely control these files when there is a need to allot for more storage for the phone.