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There are many reasons to think that you may require long term storage for your belongings. Perhaps you are moving to a different place, let’s say abroad, and have need to move out of the current place but have nowhere to keep your belongings. Many people choose to store large items like motor vehicles, RVs, cars, or boats because their houses lack space. If you are unsure about choosing the best moving and storage services, then here are 7 tried and true tips to help you out.

The facility’s location and services: Now, as you start to look for the storage facility area, it is best to prefer the movers who also provide a storage facility. As you begin to look at the area’s storage facility, try to consider the proximity and location to your place carefully. It is also essential that you check the span of work that the moving company is performing. Most of the moving companies perform house-to-house services within the territory. If there are any special items, the moving company must have the manpower and equipment to perform the job.

Storage access and company’s service area: When you select the storage unit for longer-term, you must choose the one that allows you to access the storage whenever you feel like it. You must also check everything about the moving company services. If the company is well-reviewed but is unwilling to travel the distance to perform your move and storage, then it may not be the right option for you.

Reviews are essential: There are many full service moving companies available in the market, but you must choose the one with better reviews and ratings. Even if the company provides moving and storage services, you must not fall for it until and without a comprehensive background check. A company can have a nationwide presence, but you must never skip reading the reviews for the specific location you’ve chosen.

Look for the best plans: You must always feel comfortable with the type of choice you make with the moving company. Even though it looks complicated, you must feel comfortable with the choice you make. Look for the best plans and don’t fall for the expensive and fancy ones. You must make sure that all your needs are fulfilled effectively. You can also get quotes from the moving and storage company to make the right, affordable, and budget choice.

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Checking the company’s span with safety and security measures: Now that they will be carrying and storing your belongings, it becomes essential to check about the units’ safety and security. If the moving and storage company was just born yesterday, then it may be hard to tell whether they have the credentials for your move. You must also check on the storage unit and whether it has a proper security system or not. Few storage units even have additional digital surveillance, a well-maintained environment, and 24-hour monitoring. Make sure that you choose the best full service moving company.

Licensed and insurance option: It becomes essential for your items to be insured. You may require a self-storage facility that also offers additional insurance options to protect items when they are in the storage unit. Most full-service moving companies are usually insured and licensed, but if the company is not adequately insured or licensed, this could be a more significant risk for your belongings. If you are not sure how to check this out, take a look at the company’s website and then choose.

Moving equipment for special storage: If there is anything you want to store in particular, you can ask about their equipment’s moving types. If the item you want to store is for a longer duration, then choosing the facility that offers the right storage facility is the best option to go. There is a considerable variety in the services, which is offered by different moving and storage companies. If you have items like a motorcycle, vintage car, or boat that need extra storage and need to be moved by crane or need some industrial forklift, then specialized equipment would be required. Therefore, it is suggested that you ask the moving and storage service company in advance if such equipment is available with them or not.

Also, check if the storage is climate-controlled to provide proper protection to the stored units. Electronic and furniture are mostly prone to weather-related damage, so it would be best to check everything in advance to avoid any hassle later on.

Even though it is not easy to locate the full service moving companies, there are still many available which you can totally rely on.

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Management Software
November 2nd, 2020 by shari01

Moving and Storage Company can be successful if there is consistent customer data and financial data management. For an efficient flow of operations, your business requires efficient relocation management software. This post shares insight into why your business requires efficient moving service software. Therefore, keep reading for insights into why you need relocation software for your moving & storage service company.

1. Efficient Storage And Processing Of Data

For proper decision-making, businesses need to collect and analyze data. With accurate information, full-service moving companies can forecast services demand, which is essential for planning. Therefore, moving service applications aids data collection and processing, providing critical information for efficient decision-making. The management can comfortably collect operational data, revise historical data, communicate to customers, and keep important documents. Manual collection and analysis of data involve a lot of time, and it is an expensive process. With sophisticated relocation software, businesses collect and process data in real-time.

2. Automate Customer Service

Using software for movers comes as a significant benefit for businesses looking to streamline the customer experience. The moving companies need to ensure that each of their employees provides a consistent experience. This involves facilitating back-office functions. Therefore, with proper automation systems, customer experience improves by a high degree. This is considering that customers receive accurate feedback and that the time taken to respond to customers is minimal. Besides, the business can forecast for new products while employees spend minimal time tracking down customer orders. With minimal time spent responding to customers, your employees can focus on developing long-lasting profitable customer relationships. This is opposed to perusing tens of files to look for a customer’s request for quotation.

3. Modern Moving Service Applications Allow Scaling Of Available Resources

One of the less common benefits of investing in moving software is the moving & storage company’s ability to scale their IT capabilities up or down. For instance, if the moving company needs to store additional data or additional data processing power, they can scale accordingly. The scaling can be through cloud-based software or internet-based software, depending on the kind of IT-hardware. Likewise, if the business requires less IT capabilities, it can scale down accordingly. Through ensuring flexibility, a company can control costs and meet customers’ requirements.

4. Secure Customer Data

Over the past years, we have seen a significant breach of data security. Computers have been hacked, while some departments have suffered due to unauthorized access to customer data. Often, such security breaches have cost organizations hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars. Tamper-proof packers and movers software provide the best experience to full-service moving companies. This is considering that customers feel secure when providing their details. Besides, the security of critical information is crucial to business continuity. Therefore, your business must invest in modern systems. This ensures high-level customer experience while guaranteeing business data integrity.

5. Ensure Standardized Business Processes  

Another great advantage of acquiring packers & movers software for your business is the ability to produce a consistent customer experience. Therefore, through comprehensive and real-time data collection, processing, and storage, the moving company can standardize customer experience to a significant degree. If a business is using manual data storage and processing, standardization of business processes becomes impossible.

6. Easier And Efficient Decision Making

An indisputable benefit of acquiring a modern app for movers is the ability to ensure efficient decision-making. Consider that collection of data through manual processes takes a considerable amount of time and energy. Likewise is the decision-making process. The modern applications ease decision-making as the management can use the information systems to run different scenarios and determine costs, sales, and profits. This way, the moving company can make decisions efficiently.

Management Software

7. More Money Is Saved

For many moving and storage service companies, the high costs of acquiring the moving and storage applications would seem unlikely to end-up saving costs. However, once you invest in modern applications, efficient data collection, and secure data storage contribute to more money saved.

8. Fosters Employees Collaboration

The packers and movers software help your staff to utilize their time efficiently. Besides, it allows your team to collaborate and process customer orders efficiently. With the central database, connected employees can retrieve and update customer data for other employees to act. This ensures a faster and more efficient approach to improving customer service. Moreover, a centralized data repository reduces hesitation or stalling during projects. This is because all team members have access to data through a single system. Therefore, there is no concern about data privacy and integrity, as only authorized personnel can retrieve and change it.

Are you looking for the best moving service software for your full-service moving company? We have covered significant motivating factors why you need to consider the modern applications for movers. Ensure a reliable software developer to gain critical reasons for having a software system.

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Easy Ways To Digitize Full Service Moving Companies
October 25th, 2020 by shari01

Technology is an essential aspect of the moving company to achieve customer satisfaction and business efficiency. With the right moves, you can stay competitive in your business and save on operational expenses. Therefore, an important aspect that  every full-service moving company needs to bear in mind is to ensure digitization is part of their long-term business management strategies. Unfortunately, digitizing the full-service moving companies is not an easy task. The moving and storage company needs to ensure specific guidelines. In this post, we feature easy ways to digitize your full service moving companies. Keep reading to discover the essential aspects when it comes to the digitization of your business.

1. Ensure Digitization Is Part Of Your Business Operations Strategy 

When approaching business digitization projects, it is always essential to ensure you think of what you intend to achieve. Therefore, come up with a strategy around the digitization of your business. What are the goals that you want to achieve? You probably want to attain speedier responses for your customers whenever they are inquiring about the total cost of moving their property. Alternatively, you may be after ensuring smoother business operations and cutting the overall cost of doing business. When you have a clear strategy of what you intend to achieve, you can begin running the business. Therefore, at whatever stage of digitization you are in, you must define the goals and come up with straightforward approaches to reach them.

2. Think Of Digitization As A Tool For Deep And Fundamental Improvements

Investing in movers software is an integral part of the overall business processes digitization. However, the mover’s software should not be considered the only component of business process digitization. Thus, do not  tack on digital technology to automate the same old processes and the practices you have always been using. Otherwise, do not be surprised if you continue experiencing the same problems with productivity and performance.  Instead, treat business digitization as a tool for significant improvements in how your staff will work and how they search for new leads. That way, you will realize the full transformative power of investing in moving software.

3. Involve Talented Experts In Your Business Automation Strategic Team

An important aspect when it comes to automation of your moving and storage company is to rely on talented people with strong digitization skills. Therefore, as part of your business digitization committee, the experts will guide your digital transformation process and help you choose the right digital tools for your business. Ultimately, you will attain a culture where your employees learn the digital technology and essential skills that matter to your business. Onboard talented experts and encourage your team to learn the new approach to doing business.

4. Choose The Right Moving Software Vendor

Now that you know what you need from your business automation plan, the next item should be choosing the right partner. The right software vendor will be there to guide you so that nothing goes wrong. The automation partner shall ensure a high quality of service and work within the service level agreement and factor the geographical needs.

To choose the right software vendor, consider what they are planning to do in the event of a disaster. Do they have a disaster mitigation plan? Also, check the quality of service to determine their ability to satisfy your requirements.

5. Software Vendor Evaluation

At this point, there is a high likelihood that you have many software vendors on your list, but only a few of them stand out. Therefore, you need to factor in the software vendor evaluation process. One of the best approaches is to request a free trial. Accordingly, pace the free-trials and have a pre-testing workflow. Therefore, if there are specific workflows, you need to have a solution to each challenge. You must have a complete report of each potential software vendor before signing the deal.

Easy Ways To Digitize Full Service Moving Companies

6. Set Your Priorities Right

What exactly are you looking to achieve out of your business? You have to decide the issues that you want to be addressed by acquiring the latest technology. Upon coming up with the list of deliverables, prioritize them so that each of them is in its rightful position.

7. Encourage Interdepartmental Collaboration

A top-secret when it comes to automation of your moving company is bringing everyone on board. From the sales team to the logistics team, make sure they are given a chance to express themselves regarding business automation. Therefore, you can encourage each department to suggest how they wish their operations automated.


We have looked at the essential tips to consider to attain an easy business automation process. Most important is to ensure your employees are involved in the entire process from the initial stage. Besides, make sure you involve seasoned experts in your business automation.

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