Top DNS Servers in 2020
January 8th, 2021 by shari01

It is often suggested to use DNS to secure your own Internet resource. This service is used to determine the IP addresses of websites by their domain because there are no alphabetic addresses on the network, only numbers. Each provider, of course, offers its own DNS server, but it is recommended to use an alternative one for more protection. In addition to security, such a server will provide fast web page browsing, and some servers even offer automatic content filtering.

2020 TOP DNS includes seven servers that have significant advantages:

  • GOOGLE PUBLIC DNS started its operation at the end of 2009 and guarantees its customers a more convenient yet faster rate. It is the largest DNS structure in the world today and is also resistant to DoS attacks.
  • OPENDNS is available in two versions – for home and corporate use. In the first option, a user can set parental controls and protection against fraudulent activities. Furthermore, the home version is available free of charge. The corporate version has a number of features that are primarily aimed at protecting the internal network of the organization.
  • DNS.WATCH is a service that is based on the principles of freedom and allows you to have unrestricted access to the Internet without censorship. This server works extremely fast while being stable.
  • NORTON CONNECTSAFE is designed to ensure high-level protection of a device connected to the Internet. This DNS server offers three different types of protection, each with its own IP address.
  • LEVEL3 DNS is a server with an impressive infrastructure and high speed even for websites with a large number of videos, pictures, and other media content.
  • COMODO SECURE DNS is a service with good speed. It selects which server to use based on the client’s location. Comodo also constantly updates the list of websites that may contain malicious software and warns the user when such addresses are clicked on.
  • OPENNIC DNS, just as WATCH, provides unrestricted access to the network without censorship. This service has a large network, so it guarantees the fastest upload/download rate and security of sensitive data entered.

Before connecting to a specific server, you should carefully study its capabilities and decide what option is the best.

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