Jailbreak iPhone 4 – Unlock Your iPhone 4 Safely

Jailbreak your iPhone 4 to get the most out of it! Jailbreak, in its technological terms, is a process of bypassing the digital rights of the software so that users can use free applications on it. A jailbroken iPhone is of vital importance as it becomes compatible with all the network carriers.

More compatibility with communication carriers means that this smart phone can be used as a substitute for Blackberry and other similar smart phones throughout the world.

Child Vision You must have seen many people around you who are using free applications on their iPods, iPhones, and other iDevices, and you might have wondered that how do they all do it?

The answer is simple! They have jailbroken their iPhones!

The question of jailbreaking an iPhone 4 makes most of us feel nervous. Not to worry! Because the process is extremely simple and requires the following of some easy steps by the users! Let’s look at some jailbreak iPhone 4 options you should try!

Unlock the phone’s full potential:

Jailbreak unlocks the full potential of the iPhone so that the users can use it for a large variety of purpose. The main features that are offered by a jailbreak program are that the phone can be completely restored to the original factory settings and will leave no trace of jailbreak whatsoever.

After jailbreaking, the device can be used to download free applications from the internet.

This is accomplished through a software called Cydia. Cydia is accompanied with a jailbreak program and allows the users to download fun and exciting applications, third party applications, as well as the Apps that are not supported by Apple.

Customize you iPhone to your needs:

The jailbreak process enables the users to completely customize their device to suit their needs. Jailbreaking allows you to download free applications, third party applications, as well as the applications that are not supported by the parent manufacturer.

The iPhone is not accompanied with a lot of applications but that can be taken care of as the device (after the jailbreak) is compatible with third party application, offering you the download capability of free wallpapers and themes.

Also, users can set up their iPhone as a Wi-Fi hotspot and can download free videos from YouTube directly to their device.

Is the procedure safe?

The jailbreak procedure is completely safe and requires the following of some easy steps by the users. However, it should be kept in mind that there are countless programs emerging with each passing day that claim to be successful jailbreakers although they are made for the marketing purpose only.

Beware of these programs and search the web for user reviews before you download a suitable program for your iPhone as these programs are scams and are filled with malwares that will damage the software of your device .

Jailbreak iPhone 4 :

The jailbreak process is simple and requires the following of some easy steps. Ensure that you have downloaded a suitable version for your device and is safe and secure.

Following steps should be kept in mind when you want to jailbreak an iPhone 4:

  1. You need to create a backup for all the important data on your phone. This is done as a precautionary measure.
  2. Now, you will need to download a latest version of iTunes from Apple website.
  3. Synchronize all the songs, video files, and audio books to iTunes. The main purpose of iTunes is to provide a source for reset if the jailbreak process encounters any problems/malfunction.
  4. Download the firmware version from the internet and save it on the desktop for an easy access.
  5. Now, download the latest jailbreak program. A word of caution, most of the programs on the web are created for the purpose of marketing and contain within them malwares that will damage the device’s software.
  6. Run the jailbreak program. It will prompt for a firmware. Click ‘Browse’, select the firmware and Cydia option and click ‘Next’.
  7.  Be sure to turn the device off before connecting it to the computer.
  8. Now connect the device to the computer and bring it into DFU mode. This is done by holding the home and power button for ten seconds. Then, as the device is turned on, release the power button keeping the finger on the home button. The process will be initiated followed by a ‘ding’.
  9. The jailbreak program will take care of the rest and you will be notified as the process is completed.
  10. Enjoy the newly jailbroken iphone.