How Can You Make Use Of Google Display Planner To Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

Google’s Display Planner happens to be a great tool that helps you expand the reach of your marketing campaigns while targeting the target audience for your business. The Display Planner by Google has been rolled out lately and it is quite a smart approach to identify amazing display network keywords, topics, placements, and interests.

Learning More About Google Display Planner

You can easily locate the Google display planner by logging into the AdWords account and select ‘Display Planner’, which is under the ‘Tools and Analysis’ menu.

You can use display planner to:

You can tell Google what your targeted audience is interested in. you can use a term, a word, or a set of keywords.

You can provide Google with your landing pages to find related suggestions. Always remember that you can decide to insert either the landing pages or the keywords or if you prefer to have both of these.

Choose the language and country that you intend to target and then click on the ‘get ideas’ tab.

As your request proceeds, you will get a lot of placements, keywords, topics, and interests to target.

What To Do Now?

  • You can create ad groups based on the suggested tools. You will be able to customize the outcomes to match your strategy well
  • Filter the results by leaderboard images, text ads, skyscraper images, square and rectangle images.
  • Filter results by video and mobile ads
  • Show just above the fold ad spaces
  • Filter the operating system of app placements
  • Figure out more about gender and age of the available weekly inventory of the search results
  • Add the results to your account directly. They will be added and also paused for you to conveniently work on them and then come up with customized advertising strategies.

General Rules That Help You Set Up Best Targeting On Your Display Network

  • Create tailored advertising messages for every ad group
  • Use various image dimensions to text different placements
  • Use both image and text ads
  • Personalize bids by placement
  • Add negative placements too while the sites do not perform well
  • Change the ads every 3 to 4 weeks so keep your content attractive and fresh
  • Make use of all targeting methods

Display Planer is beneficial to your research for placements better. The tool is easy to get to from the AdWords interface and is therefore capable of importing chosen placements and ideas right to your marketing campaigns.